Healing from Tourette's Syndrome (tics)

C. P. (13), Simbach am Inn (Germany)

Christian Pusch (13), Simbach am Inn (Deutschland)

M. P. tells of the healing of her son: "C. is a child of divorce. Even during my pregnancy and after his birth he experienced all the terrible quarrels until the divorce was over. Shortly thereafter I met a new partner with whom I have been married for several years now. C. has had contact with his biological father the whole time. But in the time immediately after the divorce these contacts were not beneficial. They told me in the Kindergarten that his hyperactivity was hard to control. Our whole family life was in disorder, but I knew of no solution at the time.

Suffering has a name: "Tourette's Syndrome"

The actual problems began for C. during school. It was very demanding and they moved right along. I worked half-days at the time and often didn't have the patience to calmly explain things to my son the way he needed. And then I also had a miscarriage at that time and the pregnancy that followed was also problematical.

C. had already exhibited slight indications such as shoulder twitching or nasal sniffing, but by mid-October, 2001, his uneasiness was so extreme that he could no longer sit still for a minute without moving some part of his body. Then, on November 7, we learned that these frequent movements were called 'tics' and that he had a disease called 'Tourette's Syndrome' which was said to be hereditary.

The children of two of my three sisters also have this syndrome. One sister took the path of traditional medicine. Several tests were made in the University Clinic in Munich. Her daughter had to take a lot of strong medication, which, however, was only possible during holiday periods because of the severe side-effects (poor concentration, fatigue, nausea, etc.).

"Mama, I don't want to live any more"

I took a different tack with C. . I wanted to spare him the strong medication. Before initiating physical therapy, I had already visited a healing practitioner, who also divined with a pendulum. She gave C. homeopathic medicine which, however, didn't work. Both therapists were at their wit's end. During this period C's breathing began to stop for five or six seconds regularly.

He was completely desperate and cried a lot. Once he said, 'Mama, I don't want to live any more. If I die, I will at least have peace.' In our desperation my son and I prayed to God for help. It was a very difficult time for all of us, because it is no pretty picture to have to watch how an invisible negative force compels a child to continually make spasmodic and jerky movements. It was often hard for me to keep my composure in front of my child. The misery often stayed with me until I went to sleep. Can one imagine what it means for a mother to see her child, otherwise fully normally developed, suffer so much?

At the mercy of the tics

Often C's body was in such pain that he had to cry. He was also unable to hold back the jerky movements. When he tried, it just got worse. He had the following tics:

  • Sucking with his tongue on the palate until a hematoma appeared
  • Twisting his mouth and making faces
  • Suddenly tensing and raising his facial muscles (nose, upper lip)
  • Rapidly blinking his eyes
  • Spreading his eyelids and rolling his eyes until they hurt and his eyesight was weakened
  • Clenching his hands until impressions of the fingernails and welts appeared
  • Pressing his hips together with both hands
  • Holding his breath, causing growling sounds
  • Twitching of his face and body, even while asleep

These tics had the following effects, for example, when C. had to write at school or at home it meant that he had to behave very calmly. The great effort led to an increased need for physical movement. He had no control over these compulsive movements.

A laughing stock for fellow students

Although I had spoken with his class teacher, C's behavior was for many teachers incomprehensible. When conversing with them he would sometimes abruptly start making faces.

With his symptoms it was like being on a roller-coaster - sometimes extreme, sometimes less severe. And then there was also the fact that older students, too, noticed his abnormal movements and teased him. That happened especially when the teacher was absent or on the bus, because the bus driver wouldn't intervene. The children pulled on his jacket and schoolbag, blocked his way, and asked him why he had such a silly gait, distorted his face or twisted his shoulders.

Please help me!

He couldn't reply to the teasing of the others because he himself had no answer, which resulted in more ridicule. On the way home he would let the tears flow and everything would come out. When at home I saw his tear-covered face and he asked me in a sobbing voice, "Why, mama?" It wasn't easy for me to send these "mean" children good thoughts. He often cried and asked us to please help him. He didn't want all the tics any more and he hurt all over and couldn't carry on. Naturally he had tension pain from the unnatural spasmodic movements.

I was glad that the teacher said to me in another conversation that she didn't want to make the children in the class any more aware of it than they already were. They would sometimes look at him with a questioning expression, but would then forget it again. When his little brother was born he was enthralled that he loved him as he was.

His joy in learning dwindles away

C. was very irritable and couldn't take any pressure. Although he did always want to come out first, his concentration usually soon flagged. Things that he did understand he would often forget an hour later. His school achievement diminished more and more. The teacher said he needed a lot of time and was too slow.

The next to last stop: a doctor

In April, 2002, C. began therapy - six months long - with a doctor who worked with a bio-resonance device. Here, too, however, our hopes were dashed. The symptomatic ups and downs continued unchanged.

A self-determined life begins

I learned of the teaching of Bruno Gröning through a neighbor and was introduced in November, 2002. Ten days later C. went to the Children's community in Simbach.

I learned how to avoid concerning myself with the disease and at first didn't take any new steps. It got better and better, and as time went on the tics lessened until they had completely disappeared. We had given up everything and had done einstellen* regularly to absorption of the Heilstrom* as we were advised to do.

I can't say the exact point in time of the healing. I just noticed in the autumn of 2003 at a children's weekend in Passau that C. was free. That was on the 16th of November, exactly one year to the day after his introduction to the teaching of Bruno Gröning. Was it just coincidence that I became aware of it there of all places?

A new life began for C. and for all of us. For a short time similar symptoms appeared again. But now C. is well, has friends for the first time and happily attends the seventh grade of the secondary school.

Psychologist's commentary:

C. suffered from a severe form of Tourette's Syndrome, that is a combination of vocal and multiple motor tics, and in C's case various motor tics dominated. The level of suffering of this boy was to be regarded as very high, both due to the abnormal movements beyond his control and related tension and pain, as well as due to the negative response of his environment, especially from his schoolmates.

The general prognosis with Tourette's Syndrome is - especially with such massive symptoms as in C's case - very unfavorable. This chronic tic disturbance usually gets even worse during adolescence (youth and formative years) and tends to continue on into adulthood. After various treatments were unsuccessful, C. was introduced in the autumn of 2002 to the teaching of Bruno Gröning

A year later he was completely healed. Such a course leading to healing is very unusual with a child of his age and with the pronounced symptoms in this case. The application of the teaching of Bruno Gröning and the effect of the divine force are to be regarded as the cause of this striking healing; moreover, no therapies were undergone during the period concerned.


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