1001 Way

Bruno Gröning in the Diaries of Young People

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"Youth today are searching for meaning. So many clever people want to do the thinking for us; hundreds of fingers point in different directions, a thousand ways are open. But no – 1001st way."
(Christoph Pesch)

We have written this book as a documentation of the distress and difficulties as well as the questions, but also the help and miracles we have experienced.

That which these hundred destinies testify to over 400 pages couldn’t be told in fewer words. Too much has happened which should not be forgotten. Turning your head away is also not the way to react, as too many people of all ages still live in real difficulty. They are not helped by theories and experiments. True help can be obtained through the experiences of others who have gone through the same quagmire and come out the other side with their feet on solid ground.

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