Healing of severe anxiety disorder and prescription drug addiction

M. J. (56), Cologne (Germany)

I smoked hashish 25 years ago for the first time, a high dose that led directly to a horror trip. I got panic attacks. Although I recovered soon afterwards, the feelings of anxiety returned suddenly about eight years later in 1979 and became worse. In 1980 the doctor prescribed Valium for the anxiety neurosis and depression. I always had to keep a tablet handy because although the severe attacks occurred seldom, they could flare up very suddenly. In the end they occurred every night, so that after 1984 I could only sleep three to four hours per night and could hardly perform my family and professional duties. At first I took the psychotherapeutic drug Lexotanil regularly but stopped taking it when it had no effect anymore. Various treatments brought no relief; I lost weight, was in complete despair and did not want to live anymore.

After reading the book "Revolution in Medicine" by Matthias Kamp in July, 1995, the anxieties disappeared. I experienced the joy of living and in the middle of September of the same year I was introduced into the teaching of Bruno Gröning. Since the middle of 1996 I have lived without any medication, sleep well and have put on weight. Since spring, 1998, the anxiety has no hold over me anymore, I am a happy person.

Psychologist's commentary:

After smoking cannabis in her youth, Ms J. experienced repeated anxiety attacks and feelings of panic. Seventeen years later it developed into a severe anxiety neurosis and accompanying depression with severe insomnia. The regular taking of tranquillizing medicine (Benzodiazepam) allowed Ms J. to survive in an anxiety-filled reality.

At the age of 49, Ms J. discovered the teaching of Bruno Gröning from a book. Within three weeks she had a spontaneous remission of all her symptoms. In the time following Ms. J. has stabilized again and is living happily today without any anxiety. The spontaneous cessation of severe and chronic anxiety symptoms is inexplicable to me as a psychologist.

U. T., Psychologist




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