The night healings at the Traberhof

Now Gröning himself addressed several severe and pitiable cases of paralysis from the balcony.

Mrs. Monika Baumgartner of Bad Aibling, who had waited for days at the Traberhof, and who three years before had suffered a spinal injury with complete lesion of the entire lower body in a fall from the Watzmann mountain, struggles with great effort and tremendous perspiration to stand again – if only for a short time – for the first time in years. Now, Gröning asks other invalids with paralyzed and stiff limbs to move or bend them. Only with effort can I push through to the pitifully disabled Mr. Georg Aigner, of Rosenheim-Thallerbräu, who, beaming with joy, doggedly demonstrates for me with loud crackling, how he can bend his dried-out joints and proudly puts his left ankle on his right knee and vice-versa. That was the second case for the skeptics, and all present were able to convince themselves. Finally, a baker from Bad Aibling got rid of shellshock that had lasted for years in but a few minutes, with the exception of a few residual traces, which Gröning promises to remove in a few weeks.

Now Gröning speaks again to the astonished crowd, “If an improvement has taken place with your acquaintances and relatives at home, inform me here as soon as possible with today’s date as the reference date, so that I will know how many healings were accomplished today. I wish you all a really good night and complete recovery, in the name of God."

Then the great healer went back with his assistants into the living quarters in order to further successfully prove his healing ability on cases which had been brought to him ceaselessly by doctors and the press from early morning on.

Since until now I had exclusively stayed near the sick in order to have the closest contact with them, I was now able – at the invitation of the Hawart family – to be directly present at the treatment of the most severe cases. I entered the private quarters through the long queue of those waiting in the anteroom. In spite of all my objectivity, I could not help perceiving, already upon entering, a certain aura. Then Mr. Gröning came up to me and shook my hand firmly. For a moment I had the feeling as if his strong, but extremely friendly gaze would go through me. His first words to me testified to the great disappointment he had already experienced with the press.

During a few interesting treatments of infantile paralysis with visible success, a circle is formed around midnight in the exotically furnished winter garden. Under the beams of four klieg lights, 24 persons come together, among them a doctor attending two patients, Dr. Meyer from the hospital for the disabled in Bad Tölz, as well as a lady doctor, a medical student and the people accompanying those who could not walk. The rain ceaselessly beats a continuous rhythm on the glass roof, and three film technicians fix their cameras on on the patients. Each individual case is filmed before, during, and after the treatment for a documentary film for the enlightenment of the masses. As always, Gröning prepares himself for the treatment in the adjacent room. His assistant, Mr. Schmidt, appears and also asks those present here to concentrate both inwardly and outwardly on the upcoming healing attempts. Then he makes the amazing announcement, probably as Gröning’s medium, that among those present there is a gentleman who should either inwardly change his unwarranted skepticism or leave the room – in order not to disrupt the psychic connections with the seekers of healing. No one, however, leaves the room.

Then Gröning appears in the doorway and asks those present to concentrate only on what is happening in each individual body. Gröning steps into the circle and busies himself intensively with Mrs. Baumgärtner from Bad Aibling, who is personally introduced to him again up here. Expectant silence sets in. The pieces of film equipment take turns humming. Suddenly Gröning turns around and asks the patient under discussion, "And what do you feel now?" Usually the answer is a tingling in the feet, a twinge in the calves, a piercing pain in area of the kidney or bladder, a violent rumbling in the bowels, or a pressure in the pit of the stomach – or a violent shaking of the entire body manifests itself for all to see. The treatment symptoms reveal themselves like this or in a similar manner with almost all of the patients. Now the master fixes his gaze on the exact spot - to the centimeter - which has brought about the paralysis. He asks Mrs. B. to take three deep breaths. Then the patient suddenly cries out, “It’s gone through!” Facing away from the patient and not visible to her, Mr. Gröning demonstrates to the doctors with an amazing sign language how one can sever a particular nerve and sew it together again without an operation, during which time the patient feels all the pain of this operation. As the treatment progresses, the patient feels “light,” hardly senses her body any more, and manifests increasingly euphoric sensations; unsteadily, she lifts her left arm, supports herself on the backs of chairs and makes her second attempt at standing up. “She will walk again before long!” is Gröning’s prognosis.

Treatment of difficult cases

Evelyn Gschwind from Munich, an eight-year-old girl who was almost totally blind for years had severe damage of the cornea and had already had five operations. After several treatments on the same day without glasses she already sees more than she has ever seen – for example, the passing train at a distance of 500 metres. Gröning has little Evelyn take away the blur before her left eye by putting her left hand over her eye socket, and then on his command taking it away, after which she can, relieved, describe every detail of the room.

Now Gröning requests that three gentlemen who were accompanying patients be brought forth and asked to step onto the balcony, since they are distracting their wards. Now he distributes little foil balls which he rolled himself from cigarette packets and which apparently contain a repository of magnetic force. They are in such demand that they are already sold on the black market in Munich and are, of course, fakes. These “power carriers” are supposed to bring about contact between patients and Gröning over spatial distance and facilitate the concentration absolutely necessary for remote treatments.

Meanwhile, day begins to break in the East, and the master still shows no signs of fatigue. He obviously transfers his stamina to his visitors, for no one among them wants to leave the “place of miracles”, either. The concept of “sleep” is a foreign word for Gröning. A quick movement of his hand from his forehead over his distinctive cranium to the back of his head takes away the slightest sign of fatigue. However, the cigarettes glow incessantly in his hand, and his nourishment consists only of small portions.

Then the man who is in continual demand is brought to a very severe case in the back yard, where 35-year-old Mr. Fischhaber from Bad Tölz has already waited for him for days as his last hope. As a result of bobsled and motorcycle accidents, Mr. F. incurred paralysis of parts of his body which has continually worsened since May, 1949. Three medical opinions from prominent Munich professors vary, from petrol gas poisoning, spinal injury, and tumors of the main nerve trunk to – the latest finding of the doctor who brought him to Gröning today – injury of the interbrain. Two months ago, Mr. Fischhaber had already sought out Gröning in Herford, where he promised him healing. While the kidney disease caused by many years of drug treatment completely disappeared after the Herford visit, a partial success with the other symptoms of illness failed to occur. Gröning already prepared for this morning’s consultation during the evening hours through a remote treatment via an assistant, at which time Mr. Fischhaber could feel an intense tingling in his left hand, as well as feelings similar to sore muscles in his left calf and the front of his foot.

Mr. Gröning gives a downright sensational, "clairvoyant" reason for the previous absence of an obvious healing or improvement, and says literally: “Beware of a married couple with whom you are friends, and who are not well-disposed toward you. The woman has black hair, the man is dark blond with a part, and is about 1.70 m. tall. This man will – if you want to know exactly – step into your house two days after your return from here, at six o’clock in the evening. You will recognize him by the fact that, before closing the door, he will clean his nose with a white handkerchief. This man has been preventing your healing through me up until today, since he has already spoken disparagingly about it in public. This person stands between you and me and cuts off the necessary contact. Avoid this man, and you will be healed in a short time.”

The healer’s final words, which he offered me on the way home, and which indicate the path of his future work, were, “I want to heal my patients in a few minutes with the following words: GOOD DAY! YOU WERE ILL! GOODBYE!”

A. Stecher

Note from the Editor:

That is the report of our correspondent, which we reproduce without comment. Based on these factual descriptions, our readers can now form their own opinion about Mr. Gröning’s “healing art” and about whether it is necessary for the responsible state ministry to immediately grant him permission to act as “doctor of natural healing.”

Since Gröning intends to continue staying at the Traberhof near Rosenheim for the time being, we will issue further "special editions" at the appropriate time.

It is not possible for us to in any way forward letters or other communication to Mr. Gröning. Of course, those interested may direct letters (without photos) or other messages to his address: Mr. Bruno Gröning, Traberhof, Rosenheim-Land. Other addresses that may be circulating on the black market are false. Mr. Gröning asks that you refrain from personal visits until he is officially licensed.


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