Healing from psoriasis

Szegedi Sándorné (61), Nyíregyháza (Hungary)

Szegedi Sándorné (61), Nyíregyháza (Ungarn)Eight or nine years ago, around the year 1999, a scale-like rash appeared on my upper arms near the elbows. At first I didn't think much about it. I noticed that the rash would always appear toward the end of winter or in early spring. But as time went on it increased and finally this strange, scale-like rash would appear not only on my arms, but also on my legs, thighs and waist.

Diagnosis: Psoriasis

When I scratched, a red sore would appear that healed very slowly. Around the year 2002 I had to go to a skin doctor. He diagnosed psoriasis. I was given various salves whose names I no longer remember. I would rub them into the sore and treat it with a quartz lamp.

In the summer the sunlight brought a little relief. The rash healed more and more slowly. Later I used Cutivata 5%, Carbamid and marigold salve, and began to spray it with Oxycort spray, but that just made my skin even drier.

It becomes visible

In the year 2006, it began to get critical for me. At this time the skin changes were already appearing in large patches almost all over my body. In the end they were visible all over except for my face, neck and chest. New salves and a 30-day light therapy hardly helped at all. After the unsuccessful light therapy I didn't visit any more dermatology clinics. I should have exposed my skin to the sun, but I didn't go to the public swimming pool any more. I tried to wear clothes that concealed the rash.

Something drew me there

One morning in October, 2006, I found two leaflets folded together in my mailbox. One was an invitation to an Information Lecture and the other dealt with Bruno Gröning, the Circle of Friends and healing. I was touched by one particular sentence; "God is the greatest physician". I had the feeling that I should go there. I went to the information lecture on October 6, 2006, where I was introduced to the teaching of Bruno Gröning.

My skin Is smooth again

When we did einstellen for the first time to the Heilstrom* I had a strange feeling. I felt as though I had finally arrived "at home" after a long time of seeking God. I felt very good and a powerful warmth streamed through me. After that I began to do einstellen to the Heilstrom every day.

Since that time I have not concerned myself with the ailment and somehow completely forgot about it. Then one night around the middle of February I stroked my legs while lying in bed. I was very surprised to find that they were very smooth. I couldn't feel anything rough sticking out any more. I quickly got up, went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was surprised to see that the rash had disappeared. The very unusual thing about it was that I hadn't noticed at all when and how it had happened. It had simply disappeared. As quick as a flash the thought came to me, "God is the greatest physician" - really. He had helped me.

Since then the rash has not reappeared, and my skin is smooth and healthy. I need neither salves nor treatment. In the summer I can wear sleeveless blouses or a swimming suit again.

Medical commentary:

Psoriasis is considered to be a chronic disease the course of which is never predictable in any individual case. With Mrs. Szegedi the psoriasis continually spread for six to seven years. No medical measures with salves and light therapy were able to stop its spread. After becoming acquainted with the teaching of Bruno Gröning (and discontinuing all therapies) the psoriasis healed up rapidly and completely within five months. This cannot be explained medically.


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