Voices of the Youth

What young people in the Circle of Friends say

gb"The teaching of Bruno Gröning is part of my life, the best part. It is applicable to everything and to any time. In every situation it can help, whether at school, or in contact with people, but also with personal matters that only concerns me. I can hardly remember a time when I did not have this knowledge of the teaching of Bruno Gröning and am glad that I learnt about it already as a young person. Doubt can come at any time but I have tested it and today I am convinced that it is the truth, that there is a 'God who loves all people, no matter what religion or nation or skin colour' (quote from Bruno Gröning ) and that He always helps us when we ask for it. A life without everything good I cannot imagine any more and also don't want to."

G. B.

rf"I am in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends because his teaching enriches my life a great deal. Through taking up the heilstrom I have received much help in everyday life. It is so valuable, to be able to help other people through the dissemination of this teaching."

R. F.

nc"Through the teaching of Bruno Gröning I have realised the meaning of life for me and discovered the lust for life again. The saying that every person can improve the world a little with his life has become tangible for me. Love life and live love – those are the basic principles on which I want to build my life."

N. C.

ld"For me personally the teaching of Bruno Gröning shows how I can be happy and healthy and grow personally. I do not want to stand around aimlessly like so many young people of my age, doing that which everybody does or what happens to be the flavour of the month. I want to experience the inner feeling from within myself what is good for me. Here I found friends with whom I can simply really be myself."

L. D.

vl"In the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends I have found my home, healing and friends for life. I have learnt to love life."

V. L.

mg"Through the teaching of Bruno Gröning I can find answers to my questions and look with joy to the future. I myself have experienced a lot of help and healing through the teaching of Bruno Gröning and have made friends from various countries. I am in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends because I know that no matter in what situation I find myself in, there are always friends there standing by my side on whom I can count. It is such a beautiful cooperation, one helps the other and together we do a lot of good."

M. G.

ls"Since the age of 24 I have been in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends. Since childhood I was aware that God exists but only through einstellen and the daily intake of the Heilstrom, did it become possible for me to experience God actively. Bruno Gröning said that Einstellen is the direct connection to God, we may sense God when we completely put heart and soul into it. We should be aware that this experience is more costly than gold. To be able to feel how the Heilstrom flows through my body everytime makes me feel new again."

L. S.

ap"Since I decided to live aware with the teaching of Bruno Gröning, my life has undergone a fundamental change. Before I had no idea what to do with my life, I had absolutely no wishes or ideas. I was easily irritated and jealous, added to that shyness and I simply wanted to be left in peace. Today my life is filled with meaning and joy. I know for what and for whom I am living. I have plans and goals, I got a wonderful job, interesting hobbies activities and friendships. The teaching of Bruno Gröning has brought meaning into my life and enriched it."

A. P.

lw"With the teaching of Bruno Gröning many things in my life took a good turn. To be able to apply the teaching and exchange it with people of like mind and age, is wonderful. I am happy to know the teaching of Bruno Gröning."

L.-K. W.

ja"The teaching of Bruno Gröning with which I became acquainted at the age of 18, let me realize a meaning in my life, and zest for life and love fill my heart again. The Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends gives me strength and grounding in everyday life and I have found real friends here, enriching my life."

J. A.

ts 150px"Through the teaching of Bruno Gröning my life has become more rich and varied. I live more intensely and am simply very happy. So happy that I myself are only amazed by it."

T. S.

ab"The teaching of Bruno Gröning is for me like an instruction manual for living a healthy and happy life."

A. B.


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