Healing from weakenss of the veins (varicose veins)

Jean Vanthournout (79), Lille (France)

Jean Vanthournout (79), Lille (Frankreich)It began when I was 12, with pain in my legs. In particular, it would start when I had to stand for a long time. Over the years it got worse. Finally, my legs swelled up whenever I had to stand for long and, later, even when I was sitting down.

When I was 45, my ankles would be swollen after a few hours of office work. My legs would hurt, and I would have to stand up and walk to get relief. The medical diagnosis was weakness of the veins (varicose veins). I was given support hose. They always brought me relief. I put them on right away every morning. The doctor advised me to elevate my legs as often as possible and to avoid standing for long periods. He also prescribed medication to improve the blood circulation in my legs.

No help for the pain

In 1993, I had an operation. A vein was stripped in my right leg. However, neither this operation, nor the support stockings nor medication were able to keep the disease from progressing. As the years went by, it got so bad that, for example, when I had to stand in the train, I could only endure it for up to 15 minutes. Then the pain and pressure in my legs would become so severe that I would have to sit down. But even when seated, I wouldn't be able to endure it after a while. For example, after I had driven my car for a few hours, I would get cramps in my legs. My calves would become so stiff that I would have to stop. The ailment was especially bad in the summer heat. Eventually, the pain was always there, increasing when I stood or sat for a long time and decreasing when I put my legs up. Even walking had become difficult ‒ after 50 meters I wouldn't be able to continue because of the pain. Cycling and sports were unthinkable. I had to pause many times when climbing stairs. At the age of 57, I took early retirement, due to the illness. I had resigned myself to the pain in my legs.

Healing takes place

In February, 2003, I read in a magazine about Bruno Gröning and his teachings. The words "spiritual healing" and "there is no such thing as 'incurable'" made me curious. I attended a Medical Information Lecture in April. From then on, I tuned in to receive the Heilstrom. At first, nothing changed. Starting in October, I took part regularly in the community hours of the Circle of Friends. In July, 2004, what I had been yearning for happened: All the pain disappeared.

For the first time in my life, I was able to take part in a hiking week in Austria. There I walked for many miles without any trouble. I was even able to stop and stand to enjoy a beautiful view - and without any pain! It was the middle of summer and very hot, yet none of the earlier complaints appeared! I was able to stop using support hose and medication. Can anyone understand what it means, at my age, to be free, after a lifetime of pain?

Medical Commentary:

For almost 65 years, Mr. Vanthournout suffered from particularly symptomatic venous insufficiency, with pain in his legs when he was standing, as well as ankle edema that worsened during exertion and intensified over the years. The healing of the weakness of his veins occurred after he did einstellen according to the teaching of Bruno Gröning. This healing is totally unusual and is inexplicable, as the condition would generally be expected to worsen as time went by, especially in such an advanced stage as is described here.
E.G., MD, France


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