Healing from Parkinson's disease, diverticulosis and tinnitus

Maria Schoppenhauer (81), Germany

Maria Schoppenhauer (81), DeutschlandIn April 2000 I learned of Bruno Gröning in an article in the magazine "Das Neue Blatt" and was introduced to his teachings in early May. I immediately felt the Healing Stream and stopped trembling. The muscle pain and continuous back pain also disappeared at once and I was able to sleep without pain again after so many years. Since then I have been able to move freely. My fine motor skills, too, were all right, even for sewing.

A new life!

A new life has begun for me. Today I can take long walks without a cane. I even dared to get on my bicycle again after 20 years. In August 2000 I went on vacation with friends in Filzmoos, Austria and took a hike every day with no problem. I do my housework myself again without outside help. Since the introduction I no longer need figs or prunes and can ignore the lactose syrup and the diet. My digestion is good, with bowel movements sometimes even twice a day.

I left the introduction without pain. I couldn't understand how I could suddenly be without pain after so many years - and I still am today.

Spontaneously healed!

Below is a list of examples of help and healing I have received.

After a gall bladder operation in 1951 I had to follow a strict diet or otherwise I would get colic - like stomach pain and vomiting. Six months after the introduction I was permanently well. After decades of illness I can today once again eat legumes and rich foods.

From1970 on I had a continual urge to sneeze along with watery eyes in the spring. An allergy test showed a reaction to pollen, dust, mould and other allergens. Since the spring of 2001 I have been able to enjoy nature again in the spring.

I suffered from rotary vertigo attacks from 1983 on. I often fell and when the attacks were severe had to stay in bed one or two days. Infusion therapies provided only little improvement. In the end I suffered from light rotary vertigo. My doctor diagnosed circulatory disturbances. I was able to do housework and climb stairs only with outside help. In the later years I wasn't able to leave the house and lived in continual fear of falling. Ten months after my introduction I was permanently free from the continuous rotary vertigo.

The illness started in childhood

I suffered from constipation from childhood on. I had bowel movements only every three or four days along with stomachache and a continual sensation of fullness. A colonoscopy revealed diverticulosis (sack-like evaginatiions of the rectum) and adhesions. Lactose syrup was prescribed, white flour and sugar were disallowed and only little salt allowed. I had to eat figs and prunes by the kilo in order to have a bowel movement. Today everything is perfectly in order.

No doctor was able to help

When I started work in my profession as a nurse on a psychiatric ward in 1972 I determined that I was no longer able to lift the severely ill. I had severe back pain, especially in the cervical and lumbar spinal areas. In 1983 a slipped disk was diagnosed in the lumbar spinal area. An operation brought improvement, but soon the pain became worse. It was a persistent pain in the lumbar and cervical spinal areas that became especially severe under stress. I tried the whole range of treatments, and often the only thing that helped was to wear a cervical collar or a sacral brace. Meanwhile I was given early retirement at age 57 and couldn't even manage the household any more. I took painkillers such as Tramal and needed two canes in order to walk. An orthopaedic surgeon even told me after an examination that I shouldn't bother to come any more as he could no longer help me. Today I am well.

Pain day and night

Then suddenly my right arm and right leg began to continually tremble. When the trembling also began in my left arm in May 1995 I went to a neurologist, who diagnosed Parkinson's disease. He prescribed Madopar tablets, which I had to take six times daily. At first there was a slight improvement, but later it became worse. At the end of 1999 there were also severe, painful contractions. I had continual pain, day and night. It was especially bad at night. Only with strong painkillers was I able to sleep for a few hours. But the continual pain almost drove me crazy. It was impossible to do housework and I was entirely dependent on my husband.

In 1983 a persistent pain began to trouble me in both shoulders. It became chronic, any shoulder movement was very painful and I could only raise my arms up to shoulder level. I was able to endure it fairly well with painkillers. An operation brought no help. Two days after introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning I was completely pain-free and could move my arms freely again. Even hard physical work is possible again.

From 1994 on I had noise in my right ear and in 1995 there was a continuous rushing sound in my left ear. The medical diagnosis was tinnitus. After the introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning I experienced a spontaneous liberation from the torment of the ear noise and the continuous rushing sound.

From 1996 on I was tormented by a red-spotted rash on both lower legs along with a very severe itching of the skin. I often scratched until it bled and could hardly sleep at night. The dermatologist diagnosed eczema and gave me cortisone salve, but there was no improvement. I experienced a short-lived improvement with a salve containing urea. With introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning I experienced a spontaneous liberation from the itching and a month later the eczema had also disappeared.

Additional help and healing

In addition, I could also report on the very troublesome inflammation of the pancreas that I had from 1951 on, the acute circulatory difficulty that started in 1969 or the angina pectoris that are today only history. I could also tell of my cataract operation and the subsequent continual dryness of the eyes, about the high blood pressure and the incontinence after the extirpation in 1973. There, too, I was able to experience healing in all cases. Even the trembling when descending stairs of long years' duration and the fear of walking alone in the dark because I always started to stagger have disappeared. What more can I say? If this report helps anyone to attain healing who still doubts that God is the Greatest Physician and still hasn't had the courage to really let go of his illness, then that would be my greatest joy -along with my happiness over my own healing.

Medical commentary:

Nine chronic illnesses disappear, most of them spontaneously, after introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. In all cases one had to expect from a medical point of view at Mrs. Schoppenhauer's advanced age a lifelong continuation of the complaints, which had gone on in some cases for decades. The spontaneous regression, with its clear temporal relationship to the introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, is clearly to be attributed to the effect of the Healing Stream. One cannot express in words the significance of this for a person who has had to suffer year in, year out, the torment of those illnesses without hope of healing. From a medical point of view I can only speak of a miracle here.
H. H., M. D., Berlin


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