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Bruno Gröning

Portrait photo of Bruno Gröning (1906 – 1959)


Bruno Gröning

Portrait photo of Bruno Gröning (1906 – 1959)

Herford-1949 Bruno-Groening-spricht-zu-den-Hilfesuchenden 150px

Wilhelmsplatz No. 7 in Herford, 1949

From the balcony, Bruno Gröning spoke to thousands of people who had congregated in front of the house.

Herford-1949 Taeglich Tausende von Bittbriefen

Postman in Herford, 1949

Letters of petition to Bruno Gröning were delivered daily by the sackfull to Wilhelmsplatz No. 7.

Geheilter Mann-mit-zerbrochener-Kruecke

Healed Person in Herford, 1949

Bruno Gröning often broke the walking sticks of healed people with his own hands to show that they did not need them anymore.

Heidelberg-1949 Erstaunliche Heilungen vor Aerzten, hier von Bechterew

Scientific examination in Heidelberg, 1949

Doctors witnessed the healing of Mr. Strobel from spondylitis ankylosans whilst he was having a conversation with Bruno Gröning.


Healed Person in Rosenheim, 1949

This healed man was able to push his wheel chair back home by himself.

Traberhof-bei-Rosenheim-1949 taeglich-bis-zu-30000-Menschen

The Traberhof in Rosenheim, 1949

From the balcony, Bruno Gröning spoke to tens of thousands of people seeking help who had gathered on the fields in front of the stud farm.

Traberhof bei Rosenheim Menschenmassen

At the Traberhof in Rosenheim, 1949

Some days, up to 30,000 people were waiting for Bruno Gröning.


「Bruno Gröning



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