Medically documented Success Reports

Healing of paralysis of the left side of many years standing arising from a brain haemorrhage[1]

Anna K. (64) from W.:

On 30.08.1976, with 44 years of age, I had a stroke with brain haemorrhage of medium severity. Thereafter, the left side of my body was paralysed. I spent six weeks in the university hospital. I was then moved to another hospital where I also had to spend six weeks. I was given infusions and massages, as well as physiotherapy. My left arm and leg, however, remained paralysed. The doctor informed me that I would have to learn to live with the fact of my paralysis. After three months in hospital I returned home. My husband had to do everything for me: wash me, brush my hair, carry me to the toilet, put me to bed. He also had to do all the housework, as I was no longer capable of anything. The only thing I could do was to feed myself with my good hand, when prepared food was set on the table. I received regular treatments of massage and electro-shock therapy, which at least led to my being able to move two toes. Standing up and walking on my own could not even be contemplated .

Early in 1977 I had progressed far enough, that, with the aid of crutches, I could get myself about in my own home. I had to drag the paralysed leg behind me, because I could only put my weight on the sound leg. In 1978 my condition had improved to the extent that I could cook simple things. Although I could hold the saucepan with my left hand, it often happened that the hand suddenly cramped, held the saucepan tight, and dragged it from the cooker, resulting in the food scalding me. As far as other housework went, I could only do ironing or clean vegetables while sitting down. My husband had to do everything else. I didn't have massage any more because it brought about no improvement.

In 1981 I was given a plastic support for the lamed leg which went from the knee to the ball of the foot. This was because I was unable to get any hold with my foot, despite the crutch, resulting in it continually tipping over to the left. With the support I only used the right crutch. Walking was easier. I could manage stairs, albeit dragging my leg behind me. It was still not possible for me to walk longer distances or away from home.

My husband still had to deal with the housework. This condition remained then unchanged for the next eight years. There was neither improvement nor a worsening. Following the stroke in 1976 I began to suffer from depression. I was unable to do anything useful any more. Counting snowflakes, observing birds and watching television were the sole contents of my days. Even my grandchildren were no longer an inspiration for me to do things.

In addition, from 1985 I suffered from sleeplessness. I couldn't sleep the night through, and often sat until very late in front of the T.V., in order that the nights were not all too long. I didn't want to take sleeping pills. I was prescribed Lexotanil tablets against the depression, but I only took them three times, because I had a fear of becoming addicted.

At the beginning of October 1989 I was spiritually in despair, and felt that I had used the last of my strength. I felt like a worthless being, and wanted to commit suicide. I had prepared put out tablets to this end, as I suddenly had the thought that I should check my post again. There I discovered, among other things, the magazine "Die Zwei" (The Two), which I quickly leafed through in the kitchen, and came across an article about Bruno Groening and spiritual healing. I rang Frau Häusler, whose number was given as a contact person, straightaway, and she gave me the hope that I could get help through Bruno Groening. From the moment of the telephone call I felt better, and I awaited full of excitement and hope the forthcoming introductory lecture.

Then on 11.10.89 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Groening.

Even at the introduction I experienced the healing stream. My body was totally warm, I had a severe headache on the right side of my head, That is the side where, 13 years earlier, I had had the stroke. After the introductory lecture the headache was gone, and I felt a lightness which wasn't there before. Every day at 9am and 9pm I tuned myself in to receiving the healing stream, which I experienced each time as a pleasant warmth.

On October 19th 1989, just eight days after the introduction, I experienced my healing. I lay on the kitchen couch for a midday sleep when I suddenly woke up with a start, and with the feeling that I could walk. I stood up, and went through the kitchen, via the stairs into the garden, totally without crutches, walking stick or the leg support. I could put my full weight on my left foot without it giving way under me , and move my leg entirely at my will!

I could hardly believe what had happened! Even the paralysis in the three toes had vanished! I was over the moon! When my husband came home, he was also delighted and astounded, but he had doubt that the healing would be permanent. However, I didn't take up these doubts at all!

On 23rd October 1989, for the first time in 13 years I went into town alone, without crutches, walking stick or leg support. Since October 19th 1989 I have been able to deal with my own household. Make beds, cook, hang out washing, clean. Since then everything that was impossible or only possible with the greatest of effort is doable without any problem. I attended my first group of meeting of the circle of friends on October 27th 1989 in Fichtelberg. I now visit these "community hours" regularly, and also travel to the seminars of the Bruno Groening friends.

I have regained my joy in life, and lead an active life with my grandchildren (tobogganing, walking) and am for them once again heartfelt happy grandmother. Depression has vanished and thoughts of suicide are now unknown to me. The disturbed sleep has been vanquished since the introductory lecture. Mostly, I go to bed around 9.30 following "tuning in" and sleep through until 6.30. I am grateful from the depths of my heart for the gift of this new life.

Physicians Comment:

Brain haemorrhages occur most frequently as a result of blood vessels bursting through high blood pressure. The blood penetrates the brain tissue, and causes tissue damage. In the region of the haemorrhage an oedema arises resulting from excess fluid arising in the brain tissue. Often the adjoining brain tissue is displaced or compressed. The resulting symptoms are dependent upon the location of the haemorrhage. A hemiparese (single sided paralysis) is not uncommon. In the initial period, a reduction of the oedema and the absorption of the blood can lead to a significant improvement of the neurological symptoms. However, deficiencies, which have existed for years, are not capable of being further reduced, because the affected brain tissue is permanently damaged.

In the case of Frau K. extreme pain in the back of the neck, followed by headache in the forehead region occurred on 29.8.1976. The next day she had extreme attacks of vomiting and then collapsed, unable to get to her feet again. She was unable to move her left arm and leg. The examination as she was admitted to hospital established a paralysis of the left arm and left leg. The fluid from a lumbar puncture had a weak to middle content of blood. (2) On the second day she was transferred to the neighbouring university hospital with the diagnosis

"intra cranial haemorrhage with left sided hemiplegia "[3]

Computer tomography diagnosis confirmed the diagnosis of a brain haemorrhage [4]

Despite intensive efforts, no significant improvement of the serious paralysis occurred.(5) Frau K. was provided with leg support and crutch, and thereafter, to all intents and purposes, housebound. From the medical standpoint there was no hope of healing. This resulted in the following 13 years in serious depression and suicidal tendencies. On 4.10.89, seven days before her introduction to the teachings of Bruno Groening, her condition was described as follows in a medical statement:

"Legs: R.leg movement satisfactory in all joints (…)light spasticity in l.leg, joints adequate passive mobility, dorsal reflex of left foot not present.

Weakness of toe movement l. L. leg noticeably cooler than right.

KReduced strength in entire left leg. It can only be raised slightly when stretched out. The l.leg muscles are atrophied. Difference in comparison to R. at middle thigh of 4cm, at calf, of 2cm(…)

Arms(…) Reduction of strength in the left hand. Significant atrophy of the muscles of the left arm. "[5]

In the medical report of the neurologist who carried out an examination some one year after the healing it is stated:

"(...) In the region of the "langen Bahnen" no difference side for side, and no paralysis could be identified. " [6]

langen Bahnen" means the nerves which operate the muscles in the arms and the legs. The lameness described in the medical statement of 1989 could no longer be identified.

On 1.6.92 Frau K. visited a further neurologist. He could also find no evidence of disablement of the arms or legs during his examination. [7]

During measurement of her leg early in July 1992 it was established that the atrophy of the muscles described in the medical statement of 1989 (see above) had disappeared. Whereas in 1989 the left thigh was 4cm and the left calf 2cm smaller than on the right leg (8), the examination in 1992 showed there to be no longer any difference. This is further evidence that resulting from the healing the muscle tissue was rebuilt. As a doctor this series of events is inexplicable. It contradicts all medical experience, that an organic paralysis, that has existed for 13 years, can vanish within a matter of a few days.


A-MWF = Archive of the Medical Scientific Group of Specialists D-Hamburg/Hennef-Sieg

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