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Free from drug addiction, anxiety, hallucinations and delusions as well as aggression

E. d. G. (36) Amsterdam, Netherlands

I was born in Surinam in the Netherlands Antilles. During my childhood I sometimes felt totally confused, very anxious and often aggressive. I was already drinking alcohol as a child.
When I was 13 years old, I went live with my grandmother in Holland. That was in 1980. From 1986 I couldn’t live with her anymore. As a consequence, my depressive mood increased. I drank lots of alcohol and smoked 1 – 2 g of hashish per day. Soon I also took speed together with tablets (Valium, Rohypnol and Seresta), a year later also cocaine. In 1990 I developed delusions and hallucinations and ended up in a homeless shelter. In order to be able to finance the drug consumption, I burgled. An eight-month prison term left me totally apathetic and I was very close to committing suicide. In 1995 I started to smoke 2 – 3 g cocaine in the form of crack daily. In 1998 I was declared as unfit for work because of schizophrenia. During the months leading up to my introduction, I consumed 2 g cocaine, 40 – 50 ml methadone, 1 g of cannabis and 6 – 10 glasses of beer per day.
Shortly before Christmas in 1999, I was introduced to the teaching of Bruno Gröning. This started a turnaround in my life. My health improved noticeably and in December 2001 I was able to completely go without methadone and the antipsychotic medication, Orap. I also gradually reduced the dose of cocaine and was even able to get by without it for weeks. By the end of July 2002, I was able to completely stop using cocaine, hashish and alcohol without any withdrawal symptoms. Since August 2002, I have a steady job. All psychological disorders and illnesses have disappeared. I was able to pay back all my drug related debts of 7000 guilders.

E. H.

Free from drug addiction

E. H. (43) Forbach, France

From the age of 14 on, I was unhappy with my life. At 16 I became the drummer in a rock band. For 10 years we travelled all over France. Along with the music came the drugs; at first cannabis and LSD. At 19 or 20 it was finally heroin, cocaine and amphetamines. Each day I was already stoned in the mornings. Then there was alcohol on top of that.
At 30 I stood there with no job and no money and needing 800 to 1000 francs a day to satisfy my addiction. I stole money wherever I could. It got to the point that I became a dealer myself and sat in jail for 12 months. I did 10 withdrawal treatments, and additionally I was in long-term therapy four times for one year. Afterwards I fell back into the addiction time and again.
In 1996 I became an artist (painter). Once again I looked for inspiration in narcotics. My art agent was also my drug dealer. From 1998, I wanted to get out of this existence, but continued to drink a lot of beer daily, used cannabis regularly and often cocaine.
In spring of 2002 I was introduced to the teaching of Bruno Gröning and after only a few weeks I was physically free from all need of drugs. At first this was incomprehensible to me! A short time later I was also free mentally as well. I didn’t have to drink a lot of beer anymore. My paintings are now much more lively and versatile. Earlier I only painted copies; now I paint my own pictures. Today my life is full of happiness and I feel a very pleasant inner peace.

Healing from Cocaine Addiction and the Abuse of Speed

G. Q. (34), Cologne, Germany

Aged 18, in the summer of 1988, I smoked hashish for the first time. Then I tried speed and not long after that I took cocaine. It felt great and after a few weeks I was using up to almost 2 grams per day. My boyfriend, who was a dealer, and I quarreled, argued and fought all the time. I felt alone, sank into self pity and was using cocaine almost around the clock.

I was introduced to the teaching of Bruno Groening in March, 1989.

Immediately after the introduction I spontaneously stopped using cocaine. I had no withdrawal symptoms. Several times a day I did einstellen for the Heilstrom and went to a community hour every week. After two months I separated from my boyfriend. I spent the next five years drug free. During this time I continued to regularly take in the Heilstrom.

In 1994, I once again came in contact with drugs through a relationship with a man who was on drugs. This time it was speed. I wasn't going to the community hours any more. By the end of 1995 I took  half a gram of speed every couple of weeks, sometimes a bit more.

After I split up with this guy in 1997, I did einstellen for the Heilstrom once again and was able to stop using the drugs. Since then I haven't taken any more drugs. Years later I discovered that all my old "friends"  became heroin addicts. Since that time I now have a nine year old son and enjoy a good, harmonious family life.