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E. S. (48)

Healing from Abuse of Alcohol and Prescription Drugs

E. S. (48), Bremerhaven, Germany

I was a single mother employed in a difficult job, and as a result of personal problems drank alcohol regularly since I was 27 years old (1981). I took tranquilizers and sleeping tablets daily, in double the prescribed dose. I tried several times to withdraw at home, but inevitably found that after two or three months I ended up in relapse. During these periods I used to consume one to two bottles of vodka a day over a period of two or three weeks. Normally I was fearful and depressive, but when I drank I became aggressive. I had very disturbed sleep.

In September, 1994, after having been introduced to the teaching of Bruno Groening, I could immediately give up the tablets. I didn't even reach for them when my mother passed away. I also noticed all of a sudden that my need for alcohol had vanished without any withdrawal symptoms. And today I can occasionally drink a glass of wine without any negative consequences. Depression and anger have disappeared. And I can sleep through the night again.

A. R. (49)

Healing from Borderline Personality Disorder as well as Alcohol and Prescription Drug Abuse

A. R. (49), Wetzikon, Switzerland

When I was 15 years old I began to suffer from acute depression. At 16 years of age I began to drink excessively because of severe depression. At 19 my family doctor prescribed Valium for me. I swallowed up to 90mg of this drug when I had severe anxiety attacks. During a stay in a clinic they prescribed an additional drug for me to take called Rohypnol (several tablets at once). When I was 40 I tried to take my own life with tablets. Following that I was admitted to a psychiatric clinic. At that time I was auto-aggressive, using knives, pointy objects, or cigarettes to hurt myself and repeatedly attempted suicide. Three years later, without having achieved any success in healing me, I was discharged. A short time after that I again - at my own request - sought admission to the same clinic. I would totally flip out at the smallest frustration in my life. I was forcibly medicated and put in isolation many times. Over time, and because of my behavior, I totally lost any feelings of happiness. I was admitted to the same private psychiatric clinic a total of 5 times.

In the spring of 1998 my condition improved slowly. Later, I discovered that a woman in the clinic had done einstellen for the Heilstrom for me. In June, 1998, I had recovered so much that I moved into a supervised living group home. In September, 1998, I was myself introduced to the teaching of Bruno Groening. As time went on I felt better and better and was gradually able to dispense with all medication. The anxiety, depression and aggression, as well as thoughts of suicide all disappeared, and the desire for beer, which I had had for 30 years, was also eradicated. My situation at present is that I live in my own apartment and again work in the old age home on an hourly employment basis. My doctor is amazed at how well I have recovered.

Healing from Borderline Personality Disorder with Severe Dependence on Prescription Drugs

U. K. (47), Community of Waidhofen/Thaya, Austria

At the age of 22, I experienced my first depression. Numerous diets and cosmetic operations followed. Later I was diagnosed with Borderline Syndrome. In addition I suffered from panic attacks, insomnia, chronic constipation, heartburn, irritated bladder, extreme sensitivity to cold, eczema on my fingers, and hormonal disturbances. I suffered from severe pain all over my body for over 20 years, which was diagnosed as fibromyalgia. Doing household chores and working in the garden were torture. During these 20 years I took increasing dosages of medication which led to a severe dependence. These included Benzodiazepam substances such as Lexotanil, Rohypnol, Temesta and strong pain killers (Tramal). Years of therapy, including weeks-long hospital visits brought no success. I was so desperate that I tried to kill myself several times, once with an overdose of 450 tablets. Twice I was locked up in a mental asylum. I received early disability pension because I was unable to work.

In the summer of 2000 I learned about the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. I took in the Heilstrom regularly according to the teaching of Bruno Groening. In February, 2002, within the period of a week, the healing process took place. Since that time I have been free from all afflictions and no longer need any medication. I can do all my housework and tend to my garden full of energy, and feel a great joy and wonderful feeling of life in myself.

S. T. (53)

Free from Alcohol and Drug Addiction and Duodenal Ulcers

S. T. (53), Springe, Germany

After my sister's death in 1974, I had serious stomach aches with ulcers. I got tablets and injections against the severe pain. As no improvement occurred, gastric examinations were made in regular intervals. The diagnosis was chronic stomach and duodenal ulcer. I should learn to live with recurrent ulcers.

After 20 years of pain (1994) I was totally down and had no more hope. I pepped myself up with alcohol. At first it was wine, later schnapps and finally I drank up to 2/3 quart daily. With the daily alcohol consumption I became unreliable and lost my job. Additionally I took lots of painkillers and tranquilizers, among others Valium.

Through a friend I learnt about the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. In January, 1996, I was introduced into the teaching. Since the introduction I spontaneously stopped taking tablets and drinking alcohol. Now I also wanted to get rid of the stomach pain. I used all possible time to absorb the Heilstrom and to familiarize myself with the teaching of Bruno Groening.

The pain steadily decreased and since the end of May, 1996, I have been totally free of any complaints. Despite of a new severe burden caused by nursing a near relative, I didn't get any thoughts about a relapse. Schnapps can stand next to me now; I don't feel any need for it..