Healing from alcohol and marijuana dependence

E. G. (39), Mistelbach (Austria)

When I was approximately ten years old I began to drink alcohol because I wanted to belong. Every day I went with my neighbour, a vintner, into his wine cellar to regularly drink wine (3-4 eighths, 375 ml). My parents were against this and forbade me to go, but I didn’t obey them. My school performance was also very weak.

In the following years the amount kept increasing. At 14 I was already drinking a bottle of wine a day. When I began to go to discos during my job training I also drank high-proof on the weekends as well. In 1985, at the age of 19, I first came into contact with drugs in the army. At first I smoked marijuana only on weekends.

Due to an accident with my wrist followed by an operation when I was 12, I had severe wrist pain¸ especially whilst in the army and because of that I had increased my alcohol consumption so much that I often drank myself unconscious. Especially in the army I suffered so much from loneliness and lack of understanding that I wanted to put an end to my life.

My hand was operated on in 1986 and the pain was no longer present; however, I was already so dependent on drugs and alcohol that I couldn’t stop anymore.

By the time I was 23 the alcohol consumption had increased to ten beers a day plus shot of schnapps now and then; the regular wine consumption remained unchanged. There were always opportunities to get free alcohol at various local festivals, drinking contests and in the brandy-distilling season. After I was about 25 my drug consumption increased to 10-20 joints a day (10-20 grams a week). I even smoked one or two joints in the morning before going to work. Due to my organizational talent there was never a shortage of the stuff. Occasionally-sometimes two or three times a month, then once again per quarter-I also had contact with stronger drugs such as heroin (snuffed) cocaine and LSD. Luckily for financial reasons I didn’t often have access to the hard drugs.

Attempts failed to get by without alcohol

As a consequence of the alcohol consumption there were conflicts at work and in my relations with other people. I felt misunderstood and inwardly lonely, despite many friends and parties on the weekends. From the time I was 25 until I was 33, my driver’s licence was taken away from me three times. When I got the first driver’s licence I made initial attempts to get by without alcohol, but I didn’t succeed. I never asked for therapeutic help and wanted to handle it myself; however, the longest I was ever able to hold out without alcohol and drugs was four weeks.

At 35 I abstained from illegal drugs for two months because I had to have urine tests. On the other hand I consumed more alcohol during that time. Twice I had to stop for a maximum of a week because of illness; during those periods I suffered from withdrawal symptoms such as trembling, outbreaks of sweat and nausea and was happy to get back on the stuff again.

My parents didn’t know the extent of my dependence, and I myself didn’t feel dependent-and my friends themselves drank. To the great astonishment of my acquaintances who were aware of my condition, I went on working during all the drug and alcohol dependence.

So in the month before my first contact with the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends, also, I was regularly drinking a litre of wine and ten bottles of beer and was smoking about ten joints of marijuana per day.

Healing without withdrawal symptoms

From a friend I learned of the documentary film on the life of Bruno Gröning. Since I was interested I attended the showing on September 14, 2004 in the Bellaria Cinema. After seeing the film I was introduced to the teaching of Bruno Gröning on September 30, 2004.

Since the introduction to the teaching I have increasingly had the desire to get rid of these problems. Although my consumption didn’t lessen during this period I did concern myself intensively with the teaching of Bruno Gröning (through books, borrowing videos of conferences, reading Schooling Letters, attending Community Hours). Through this intensive work with the teaching I was getting closer and closer to the truth in my inward search.

Through regularly Einstellen and the teaching of Bruno Gröning I was able from one day to the next in early May 2005 to no longer take drugs and to stop my alcohol consumption. The abstinence came about without withdrawal symptoms, and I only had an initial increased need for sleep. Since May 2005 I have had no more need for drugs, and alcohol makes me sick.

Since I have been freed from this addiction I have been able to drive without concern and my self-confidence has increased. I have goals and am raring to go again. At home things are spiritually and materially in order, and my joy in life has come back again.

Psychologist’s comment:

Early in his youth Mr. G. already came into contact with alcohol and later on with marijuana. He developed a dependency on both substances for many years and sometimes consumed illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine and LSD as well. Social, occupational and interpersonal problems arose as a consequence. Mr. G. was only able to sustain attempts on abstinence for a few weeks; he did not seek therapeutic help.

From a psychological view, it cannot be explained that Mr. G. became free of all addictions from one day to the next 8 months after his first contact with the teaching of Bruno Gröning.

R. L. B., Psychologist


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