Healings of addiction to hard drugs (heroin, cocaine, opium)

החלמה מהתמכרות לסמים במשך שנים רבות

דו"ח החלמה של אנדריאה מטלשווייגר Andrea Matlschweiger, (בת 42)

"את לא רוצה גם לעשן?" זו היתה הזמנה עם תוצאות הרות אסון לכל החיים שלי לאחר מכן. בדיוק מלאו לי 17 שנה, הייתי מאוד ביישנית ולא היה לי כלל ביטחון עצמי כאשר החבר שלי – בעלי לעתיד – ואני הוזמנו על-ידי מכר לעשן ג'וינט (סיגריית חשיש). הזמנה נדיבה זו ממי שכונו "חברים" הביאה אחריה עוד מאותו הדבר, לו נענינו בשמחה. המלכודת הוכנה ואנחנו צעדנו ממש לתוכה כמו רבים כל כך לפנינו ואחרינו. רק זמן קצר לאחר מכן, התחלנו לקנות חשיש בעצמנו, בו השתמשנו תחילה רק בסופי שבוע.

קרא עוד...

החלמה מהתמכרות לסמים

החלמה מהתמכרות לסמים

אי. ה. (בת 38), טרייר (גרמניה)

אחרי מות בן זוגי ב-1991, התחלתי לעשן עוד ועוד חשיש. לאחר זמן מה, עישנתי עד שמונה גרם ביום. מ-1992 ואילך, לעיתים גם נטלתי ספיד ו-LSD. התחלתי לצרוך הרואין וקוקאין בתחילת 1993, הזרקתי הרואין באופן סדיר. זה עלה לכגרם אחד הרואין ביום. כיון שהכסף שהיה בידי לא התקרב כלל להספיק, מכרתי את גופי בכתובת פרטית.

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A. K. (42), Kassel (Deutschland)

Healing from drug and alcohol addiction, as well as depression

A. K. (42), Kassel (Germany)

In the year 1986, at 27 years of age, I began to smoke hashish. Two years later LSD was added. After my divorce I was with another woman for two years. When that also came to nothing I became very depressed. I was listless, irritable, always tired and often felt dejected. Before I had completely come to terms with the first separation the pain of the second one came along. During this period I got to know some people who dealt in hard drugs (heroin, cocaine). After awhile I, too, sniffed a noseful of cocaine.

קרא עוד...

Healing from (high-dosage) methadone addiction

S. K. (38), Frankfurt (Germany)

Emotionally depressed and obese, initiated by the divorce of my parents, I started to smoke hashish at the age of 17. Two years later I added the occasional use of LSD and Psylocybin as well as heroin and cocaine. After separating myself from my drug-dependent friend, I was successfully re-trained and was able to work. At the age of 28 I re-connected with my friend and became seriously addicted to heroin and cocaine. I was entered in a (high-dosage) methadone program and was supplied with 5 ml of this drug. Over a period of time my use of the drug escalated to 15 ml per day. I later acquired this drug illegally and used 30 ml daily. When I could not obtain the drug one day, I would occasionally use 40 ml the next day. A movie on an independent TV channel about a healing from drug-addiction brought my attention the teaching of Bruno Gröning.

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Heilung von Drogen- und Alkoholabhängigkeit (Politoxikomanie)

Healing from drug and alcohol addiction (Polytoxicomania)

I. M. (47), Uelzen (Germany)

My father died when I was eight years old. My mother was very protective during my childhood. This led to confrontation as I got older. This led to depression and anxiety. For this reason my family doctor gave me Tranxilium. At about 13 I came into contact with drugs for the first time. After school there was always the opportunity to have a joint while waiting for the bus. In my clique we put our money together and everyone got some of it. I also became acquainted with stimulants such as AN1 in this way. My mother knew nothing about it. After a big argument with her I took an entire package of Tranxilium. I wanted to put an end to my life. But I woke up again the next morning and also went to school.

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Healing from heroin addiction

V. L. (34), Cologne (Germany)

When I was 17 I started to smoke hash. Now and again I also injected heroin. At 19 I was addicted to heroin. I had to inject heroin once a day. I led a real double life. The world of drugs on one side and the family on the other.

קרא עוד...

Healing from opium addiction

T. A. (29), Tiraspol (Moldavia)

I started to smoke pot in the army in 1992. In 1994, opium was added to that which I injected, as well. That's the drug I stuck to when I left the army and I spent a lot of money on it. I was like a marionette and couldn't keep away from the opium, also because the people in my environment didn't help me with my escape attempts but rather offered me drugs again and again. That way I took opium almost daily for over four years, depending on how much money I had.

קרא עוד...

Healing from cocaine addiction and the abuse of speed

G. Q. (34), Cologne (Germany)

At 17 years of age (1987), I met a boy who was a few years older than me. I had an entirely new circle of friends and as time went on became more and more rebellious and impolite to my mother. When I turned 18 I moved in with my friend. At the time I didn’t know that he took drugs and also sold them. I noticed that strange people who I didn’t know were continually going in and out and that he would always go into another room. When I would later go into that room it would smell very funny. I inquired with my friend and learned that he smoked hashish in a water-pipe and also sold it. I didn’t believe him but didn’t dare to speak to him about it again. A short time later when cleaning I found various little packets with white powder and little plastic bags with dark brown lumps in them. I confronted him and he confirmed to me that he sold drugs (hashish, Speed, cocaine, etc.) and also consumed them himself. My heart almost stood still but since I liked him so much I stayed with him.

קרא עוד...

Healing from drug addiction, anxiety, hallucinations and delusions as well as aggression

E.d.G. (36), Amsterdam (Netherlands)

I was born in Surinam (the Netherlands Antilles). I was a difficult child. Sometimes I was confused and didn’t want to hear anything from anyone. I was afraid of the dark and of crossing the street. Sometimes I was aggressive and destroyed things. I also sometimes drank alcohol from little bottles and was once drunk for two days while still a child. My mother sometimes struck me. She probably didn’t know what do do with me.

In school I didn’t have much contact with other children. This had begun as early as kindergarten; I wanted to play too, but was always excluded. One time, my little brother showed me some money at school but I grabbed it out of his hand and invited everyone to have a doughnut. I liked to play the "big man" a lot. So I began to steal money more often and distribute presents.

קרא עוד...

Healing from drug dependence

E. H. (44), Forbach (France)

As a youth I was often alone and unhappy. At 16 I became the drummer in a rock band. For ten years we traveled all over France. With the music also came drugs, first cannabis, hashish and LSD. At 19 it was finally heroin, cocaine and amphetamines. Every day I would already be high on drugs early in the morning. Then there was also alcohol. It went so far that I had to give up my music. I simply wasn't up to it any more.

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