Healing from a herniated disc

Danielle Imbert-Caron (57), Gatineau (Canada)

In 1974, when I was 21 years old, I had two auto accidents in which my seat belt wasn’t fastened. Two cars collided at high speed. Since then I have suffered from continual pain in my neck. The doctors diagnosed a whiplash injury in the cervical spine and predicted that I would have to live with neck pain. In 1977, as a 24-year-old, I was a passenger next to the driver, again without a seat belt, as the car rounded a curve and hit a tree. At this violent impact I hit my head on the windshield and injured my left knee. The neck pain became more intense. After that I had pain rotating between in my back, neck and left knee. In 1977, I turned down a knee operation because the doctors were unable to guarantee improvement. Instead, I regularly visited an osteopath, whose treatment provided partial relief for me. Ski and cycling tours, as well as garden work, were no longer possible. Two pregnancies exacerbated the knee and back problems. Because of that I was unable to carry my babies and intermittently could hardly walk. I often had to lie down.

Worsening of the pain

In 2006, there was a worsening of the neck pain as it radiated into my right shoulder. An x-ray examination revealed a herniated disc in the cervical spine. I was also tormented by increased pain in my right leg. I was diagnosed with sciatica.

I was no longer able to get out of bed alone or get up from a chair. Rest was prescribed for five months and I received painkillers, which brought about only mitigation. I was also unable to crouch down, bend my back, or carry out my usual household tasks. Therapeutic baths, special treatments, and thermal therapy enabled me to endure this condition. I was often absent from work. In the year 2009, I was given a certificate of disability. I lived like a “grandma” and had lost all hope of recovery. In this situation I asked God for help.

In a physiotherapist’s office, I learned of Bruno Gröning and the showing of a film. On October 24, 2009, I was introduced after I had seen the documentary film about Bruno Gröning on October 18th.

Spontaneously healed during the documentary

During the first part of the film I suddenly felt a burning in my whole spine combined with a wonderful feeling. After that I felt nauseous and was close to fainting. My husband held me and propped me up. I sat and cried a little longer and then felt well again. During the noon break I was very cheerful. During the second part of the film terrible pain appeared for a moment in my lower back and neck. I had to cry again for awhile. The next morning I no longer had back problems, no stiffness in my left knee, and the pain in my right leg and neck had disappeared. An attempt to stoop was successful, and all my mobility was there again, even in my knee!

Three months later pain briefly appeared in my right knee which I recognized as Regelungen and which quickly disappeared again. It seems to me as though I have regained the mobility of a young girl. I can drive, go walking, work and sit as long as I want. I can handle all my housework again without pain. Garden work, too, is possible without pain. I can stoop as often as I like. I am happy, full of the joy of life, and grateful with all my heart for this liberation after many years full of pain.

Doctor’s commentary:

It concerns a woman 57 years of age who had pain in the cervical spine and left knee for around 35 years, mainly as the result of auto accidents at the ages of 21 and 24. The pain in the neck area persisted the whole time. The pain in her left knee continued until a meniscus operation in the year 2009 mitigated the pain but resulted in stiffness. In the year 2006, the situation was complicated by sciatica, which was treated with painkillers and muscle-relaxers and lasted four years. This pain and the chronic stiffness suddenly disappeared in October, 2009 accompanied by atypical sensations. Three months later a painful relapse occurred which lasted for several hours and abruptly disappeared; after that movement was possible with no problem. This threefold healing—virtually spontaneous—from such long-lasting chronic problems of the cervical spine, as well as from a chronic stiffness of the knee accompanied by sciatica that had lasted for four years, cannot to be explained medically.
E.G., M.D.


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