Healing of hemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome

Sasha Cotis, Sydney (Australia)

Sasha Cotis, Sydney (Australien)

I had already suffered for many years from digestion disturbances with constipation or diarrhea. In May 2002 a doctor diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome and hemorrhoids and informed me that he couldn't do anything about it. Therefore I planned my diet very carefully in the hope that the hemorrhoids would disappear. However, that was not the case. The growths would sometimes retreat, only to then get more severe. Eating meat and fast food would worsen the hemorrhoids because the stool would then become harder. The hemorrhoids would often hurt so badly that I could only sit down with difficulty and also had trouble when walking. Still, I got used to the condition, and I soon regarded the ailment as an everyday problem. One year before my introduction to the teaching of Bruno Gröning, I noticed blood in my stool. Before my healing, the pain in the outer hemorrhoids was especially severe. I used no salve or suppositories, nor did I take sitz-baths because I had no access to a bathtub.

Healing after regular and intensive reception of the healing power

In October of 2002, I learned of the teaching of Bruno Gröning from a newspaper article in the English-language Japan Times in Tokyo. I was introduced and went to the community hours. In early 2004 I moved back to Australia. Since then I belong to the community in Sydney. After a while I was able to mentally separate myself from the ailment and regard it as Regelung pain, as Bruno Gröning recommended. I absorbed the healing force regularly and intensively. Nevertheless, it took until August of 2006 to be granted a healing. Since then I have absolutely no bleeding, and my stool has since been entirely normal, which it hadn't been for so long. The hemorrhoids have completely disappeared, and every time I go to the toilet I am happy that everything has turned out so well.

Doctor's commentary:

It is medically inexplicable how hemorrhoids could get permanently better without a special diet or therapy. The normal stool since then is also a sign of the healing of the chronic irritable bowels.


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