Parantumisia: koviin huumausaineisiin (mm. heroiini ja kokaiini)

Healing from cocaine addiction and the abuse of speed

G. Q. (34), Cologne (Germany)

At 17 years of age (1987), I met a boy who was a few years older than me. I had an entirely new circle of friends and as time went on became more and more rebellious and impolite to my mother. When I turned 18 I moved in with my friend. At the time I didn’t know that he took drugs and also sold them. I noticed that strange people who I didn’t know were continually going in and out and that he would always go into another room. When I would later go into that room it would smell very funny. I inquired with my friend and learned that he smoked hashish in a water-pipe and also sold it. I didn’t believe him but didn’t dare to speak to him about it again. A short time later when cleaning I found various little packets with white powder and little plastic bags with dark brown lumps in them. I confronted him and he confirmed to me that he sold drugs (hashish, Speed, cocaine, etc.) and also consumed them himself. My heart almost stood still but since I liked him so much I stayed with him.

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Heilung von langjähriger Drogenabhängigkeit

Parantuminen monia vuosia kestäneestä huumeriippuvuudesta

A.M. (42), Wels (Itävalta)

“Ettekö halua tulla mukaan polttamaan?“ Kutsu, jolla oli tuhoisat seuraukset koko myöhemmälle elämälleni. Olin juuri täyttänyt 17 vuotta, olin hyvin ujo eikä minulla ollut ollenkaan itseluottamusta, kun muuan tuttava kutsui silloisen poikaystäväni, tulevan aviomieheni, ja minut polttamaan jointin (hasistupakka). Tätä niin kutsuttujen ystävien ystävällistä kutsua seurasi monia muita kutsuja, jotka otimme mielellämme vastaan. Ansa oli asetettu ja me astuimme siihen, kuten monet ennen meitä ja meidän jälkeemme. Vähän ajan kuluttua aloimme jo itse ostaa hasista, jota käytimme alussa vain viikonloppuna.

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Healing from opium addiction

T. A. (29), Tiraspol (Moldavia)

I started to smoke pot in the army in 1992. In 1994, opium was added to that which I injected, as well. That's the drug I stuck to when I left the army and I spent a lot of money on it. I was like a marionette and couldn't keep away from the opium, also because the people in my environment didn't help me with my escape attempts but rather offered me drugs again and again. That way I took opium almost daily for over four years, depending on how much money I had.

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Healing from heroin addiction

V. L. (34), Cologne (Germany)

When I was 17 I started to smoke hash. Now and again I also injected heroin. At 19 I was addicted to heroin. I had to inject heroin once a day. I led a real double life. The world of drugs on one side and the family on the other.

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Healing from drug dependence

E. H. (44), Forbach (France)

As a youth I was often alone and unhappy. At 16 I became the drummer in a rock band. For ten years we traveled all over France. With the music also came drugs, first cannabis, hashish and LSD. At 19 it was finally heroin, cocaine and amphetamines. Every day I would already be high on drugs early in the morning. Then there was also alcohol. It went so far that I had to give up my music. I simply wasn't up to it any more.

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