Guérisons d'hypersensibilité aux produits chimiques

Healing from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)

Adeline Weiss, Dietzenbach (Germany)

When, full of good ideas, I enthusiastically planned our family’s new house in 1975, I had no idea that a fatal destiny awaited us. As a construction engineer I wanted to make use of my knowledge and got to work. Wood, a natural product was important to me, and thus I had about 150 m² of wooden ceiling installed. Construction standard DIN 68800 stipulated that it was mandatory to apply a commercial wood preservative to all structural timber parts. I would never have dreamed of doubting what I had learned. I didn’t suspect that the toxic substances the preservative contained to prevent and kill insects and fungi could also mean a death sentence for us. PCP, lindane and the associated dioxins are contaminants, which means that they emit vapors for decades which are absorbed by people, animals, plants and all porous objects, and can then be passed on further. It can lead to terrible health problems and contamination of living spaces.

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Healing from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)

I. Lottes (68), Bayreuth (Germany)

About 20 years ago, while painting the walls of our living room, I noticed a contraction of my bronchial tubes which caused me considerable shortness of breath. The reaction was so severe that I had to immediately stop painting and hire a painter to do it. I wasn’t able to enter the room while the painting was going on because the problems would immediately begin again. In the ensuing weeks and months these problems would also arise on other occasions too, such as in shoe stores. The shoe purchase always had to be carried out rapidly, otherwise I would have to leave the store without buying the shoes. If I did buy some, I would always have to set them out in the fresh air for a few days before I could wear them. Later I bought shoes from a mail order firm and avoided the leather goods departments of department stores. If I needed a purse or handbag, the problems - mainly shortness of breath, but also burning of the eyes and sometimes nosebleed and dizziness - would immediately begin after touching and opening these objects.

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