Healings of addiction to medication

Heilung von Medikamentenabhängigkeit

Healing from addiction to prescription drugs

V. S. (61), Berlin (Germany)

From 1966 on, I had suffered from severe migraines that appeared every three weeks. To at least be able to relieve the severe headaches somewhat and be as fit as possible for work, I took the pail pills Neuranidal (with caffeine) from the beginning. Since in the following years the doctors were unable to help despite many other medications and treatments, I kept taking Neuranidal exclusively. Because I lead a very stressful life, the migraine attacks came increasingly often - already every two weeks in the eighties and from 1990 on once a week. To be able to endure the great pain at all I needed more and more Neuranidal. I lived in constant fear of the next attack. Therefore I began to take the pills preventively before especially important appointments or as soon as I felt slightly unwell.

קרא עוד...

החלמה מהפרעת חרדה לאחר צריכת מריחואנה ותלות בתרופות הרגעה

החלמה מהפרעת חרדה לאחר צריכת מריחואנה ותלות בתרופות הרגעה

ניל מ.ס. (בן 22), דלאס (ארה"ב)

הכל החל באופן בלתי מזיק לחלוטין עבור ניל מ.ס. כמו רבים מבני גילו, הוא התחיל לעשן מריחואנה מסיבות חברתיות בסופי שבוע יחד עם חבריו באפריל 2002. הוא אהב את זה. אך שלושה חודשים בלבד לאחר מכן, היתה לו חוויה שסימנה את ההתחלה של מוות קדושים אמיתי עבורו. בעת העישון, הוא סבל מהתקף פאניקה חמור והיתה לו תחושה שהוא עומד למות. מרגע זה ואילך, הוא היה בעולם אחר. אף על פי שהוא קצת נרגע, הכל עדיין נראה לו איכשהו לא אמיתי סביבו, אפילו שהוא כבר לא עישן עוד מריחואנה. ואז, רק כמה שבועות לאחר מכן, באוגוסט, היה לו עוד התקף פאניקה שהיה לפחות גרוע כמו הראשון.

קרא עוד...

Healing of severe anxiety disorder and prescription drug addiction

M. J. (56), Cologne (Germany)

I smoked hashish 25 years ago for the first time, a high dose that led directly to a horror trip. I got panic attacks. Although I recovered soon afterwards, the feelings of anxiety returned suddenly about eight years later in 1979 and became worse. In 1980 the doctor prescribed Valium for the anxiety neurosis and depression. I always had to keep a tablet handy because although the severe attacks occurred seldom, they could flare up very suddenly. In the end they occurred every night, so that after 1984 I could only sleep three to four hours per night and could hardly perform my family and professional duties. At first I took the psychotherapeutic drug Lexotanil regularly but stopped taking it when it had no effect anymore. Various treatments brought no relief; I lost weight, was in complete despair and did not want to live anymore.

קרא עוד...

Healing from abuse of alcohol and prescription drugs

E. S. (48), Bremerhaven (Germany)

I was a single mother employed in a difficult job, and as a result of personal problems drank alcohol regularly since I was 27 years old (1981). I took tranquilizers and sleeping tablets daily, in double the prescribed dose. I tried several times to withdraw at home, but inevitably found that after two or three months I ended up in relapse. During these periods I used to consume one to two bottles of vodka a day over a period of two or three weeks. Normally I was fearful and depressive, but when I drank I became aggressive. I had very disturbed sleep.

קרא עוד...

Healing from alcohol and drug addiction and duodenal ulcers

S. T. (53), Springe (Germany)

After my sister's death in 1974, I had serious stomach aches with ulcers. I got tablets and injections against the severe pain. As no improvement occurred, gastric examinations were made in regular intervals. The diagnosis was chronic stomach and duodenal ulcer. I should learn to live with recurrent ulcers. After 20 years of pain (1994) I was totally down and had no more hope. I pepped myself up with alcohol. At first it was wine, later schnapps and finally I drank up to 2/3 quart daily. With the daily alcohol consumption I became unreliable and lost my job. Additionally I took lots of painkillers and tranquilizers, among others Valium.

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