Healings of addiction to medication

Heilung von Medikamentenabhängigkeit

Sự chữa lành khỏi nghiện thuốc kê đơn.

V.S (61), Berlin (Đức)

Từ năm 1996 đến nay, tôi phải chịu những cơn đau nửa đầu khủng khiếp xuất hiện cứ 3 tuần một lần. Để giảm cơn đau ít nhất là để có thể đi làm được, tôi phải uống Neuranidal (với cà phê in) ngay từ đầu. Vì những năm sau đó, bác sĩ không thể giúp được gì dù đã cho tôi nhiều loại thuốc và phác đồ điều trị khác tôi vẫn phải dùng Neuranidal đặc trị. Vì cuộc sống của tôi vô cùng căng thẳng, những cơn đau nửa đầu xảy đến thường xuyên hơn – đã là hai tuần một lần trong những năm 80 và hàng tuần trong những năm 90. Để có thể chịu đựng cơn đau kinh khủng, tôi cần uống Neuranidal nhiều hơn. Tôi sống chung với nỗi sợ hãi liên tục phải đương đầu với cơn đau tiếp theo. Từ đó, tôi bắt đầu uống thuốc để phòng ngừa trước những cuộc hẹn quan trọng hoặc khi tôi cảm thấy hơi bất ổn.

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Heilung von Angststörung nach Marihuanakonsum und Abhängigkeit von Beruhigungsmitteln

Healing from anxiety disturbance after consumption of marijuana and dependence on tranquilizers

Neal M.C. (22), Dallas (USA)

It all started very harmlessly for Neal McCoy. Like so many his age, he began to smoke marijuana for social reasons on weekends with his friends in April 2002. He liked it. But just three months later he had an experience that marked the beginning of a real martyrdom for him. While smoking he suffered a severe panic attack and had the feeling he was going to die. From this moment on he was in a different world. Although he calmed down a little, everything was still somehow unreal around him even though he took no more marijuana. And then, just a few weeks later in August, he had another panic attack that was at least as bad as the first one.

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Healing of severe anxiety disorder and prescription drug addiction

M. J. (56), Cologne (Germany)

I smoked hashish 25 years ago for the first time, a high dose that led directly to a horror trip. I got panic attacks. Although I recovered soon afterwards, the feelings of anxiety returned suddenly about eight years later in 1979 and became worse. In 1980 the doctor prescribed Valium for the anxiety neurosis and depression. I always had to keep a tablet handy because although the severe attacks occurred seldom, they could flare up very suddenly. In the end they occurred every night, so that after 1984 I could only sleep three to four hours per night and could hardly perform my family and professional duties. At first I took the psychotherapeutic drug Lexotanil regularly but stopped taking it when it had no effect anymore. Various treatments brought no relief; I lost weight, was in complete despair and did not want to live anymore.

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Healing from abuse of alcohol and prescription drugs

E. S. (48), Bremerhaven (Germany)

I was a single mother employed in a difficult job, and as a result of personal problems drank alcohol regularly since I was 27 years old (1981). I took tranquilizers and sleeping tablets daily, in double the prescribed dose. I tried several times to withdraw at home, but inevitably found that after two or three months I ended up in relapse. During these periods I used to consume one to two bottles of vodka a day over a period of two or three weeks. Normally I was fearful and depressive, but when I drank I became aggressive. I had very disturbed sleep.

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Healing from alcohol and drug addiction and duodenal ulcers

S. T. (53), Springe (Germany)

After my sister's death in 1974, I had serious stomach aches with ulcers. I got tablets and injections against the severe pain. As no improvement occurred, gastric examinations were made in regular intervals. The diagnosis was chronic stomach and duodenal ulcer. I should learn to live with recurrent ulcers. After 20 years of pain (1994) I was totally down and had no more hope. I pepped myself up with alcohol. At first it was wine, later schnapps and finally I drank up to 2/3 quart daily. With the daily alcohol consumption I became unreliable and lost my job. Additionally I took lots of painkillers and tranquilizers, among others Valium.

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