Healings of fears and panic attacks

החלמה מהתקפי חרדה לאחר שימוש יתר באל אס די (LSD)

ק. ג. (בן 29), לובליאנה (סלובניה)

בגיל 12 התחלתי לעשן ולשתות אלכוהול עם חברים. כשהייתי בן 15, התחלתי להשתמש במריחואנה וחשיש ובגיל 17 באל-אס-די. בשנתיים הבאות לקחתי שש פעמים "קרטון" (כינוי למצע נייר סופג עם ציורים ספוג באל-אס-די). בפעם השביעית שלקחתי אל אס די חוויתי הזיות שגרמו לכאלו חרדות שנשארתי בבית במשך ימים. החרדה לא פסקה. אף רופא לא יכול היה לעזור. במשך שש שנים לאחר השימוש באל אס די, כפי שתיארתי למעלה, סבלתי מהתקפי החרדה. לעיתים קרובות היה לי טכיקרדיה (קצב לב מואץ או "אוץ לב" בעברית) ופחד גדול ממוות. בגיל 23 הפסקתי לעשן מריחואנה, ההשפעה הפכה להיות חזקה מידיי. לאחר התמוטטות בגיל 25, נשלחתי למחלקה פסיכיאטרית. אחרי זה קיבלתי זריקות נגד החרדה והטכיקרדיה (אוץ לב) במשך שנה, אבל לא חל כל שיפור במצבי. מצבי נראה לי חסר תקווה.

קרא עוד...

Healing of severe anxiety disorder and prescription drug addiction

M. J. (56), Cologne (Germany)

I smoked hashish 25 years ago for the first time, a high dose that led directly to a horror trip. I got panic attacks. Although I recovered soon afterwards, the feelings of anxiety returned suddenly about eight years later in 1979 and became worse. In 1980 the doctor prescribed Valium for the anxiety neurosis and depression. I always had to keep a tablet handy because although the severe attacks occurred seldom, they could flare up very suddenly. In the end they occurred every night, so that after 1984 I could only sleep three to four hours per night and could hardly perform my family and professional duties. At first I took the psychotherapeutic drug Lexotanil regularly but stopped taking it when it had no effect anymore. Various treatments brought no relief; I lost weight, was in complete despair and did not want to live anymore.

קרא עוד...

Healing of harm accompanied by hyperventilation

Mrs A. K. (28), Bremerhaven (Germany)

Before I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, I was plagued by anxiety: Several times a week I suffered from breathing difficulties and my whole body trembled. I had a sensation of constriction in my chest and intense heart palpitation. Then I became panic-stricken that I would die because my heart would stop beating. I was unable to go into department stores or drive longer distances on my own. These conditions were aggravated if I became stressed or irritated at work. Orthodox medicine did nothing for me and homeopathic remedies so little, that I stopped taking them.

In September 1991 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. Since Christmas 1992 I have been completely free from my problems, which simply vanished.

Healing of fear of examinations

Mrs C. K. (22), Wegberg (Germany)

During my years in primary school I was a very good student. Fears of failing first appeared when I entered secondary school. My confidence dissolved following a series of fiascos which filled me with apprehension about examinations. This was especially bad before I sat for my 'A' levels. The pressure of having to achieve good results, upon which my future depended, called forth anxiety, depressions and even aggression in me.

Through regularly tuning in to the healing stream, I progressively improved my results and consequently all fear and doubts disappeared from my life.

Healing of nightmares

Mr B. P. (28), Wegberg (Germany)

For six years I suffered from anxiety which manifested in nightly dreams in which I saw myself being chased, captured and tortured. Sometimes I awoke bathed in sweat. These mental images often remained with me throughout the day.

After my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in June 1987, the nightmares became progressively less, my anxiety disappeared and finally, I was totally freed from this burden.


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