Healings of back pain (thoracic, lumbar spine syndrome)

Healing of chronic back pain after an accident

Abeysekera Abeysinghe (55), Ratmalana (Sri Lanka)

From 1978 on I suffered from severe back pain which tormented and handicapped me greatly. I had attempted with two friends to move a large, gigantic rock, but my friends let go of it halfway while I was still holding onto it. The weight was too great and I suddenly had the feeling that my spine was breaking in two and my body torn apart. The pain was very fierce and I couldn’t move anymore. My friends had to carry me to the next hospital, where I was treated for a month. The doctor diagnosed a sprain. He told me that it could get better again in time and that I should visit him regularly.


Healing from chronic back problems, allergies, migraine, pain in both knees, and calcaneal spurs on both heels

Horst-Hubertus Krug (65), Konstanz (Germany)

At 13, I was treated for the first time by an orthopedist for severe back pain. I had grown around 8 inches in one year. My cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae showed considerable deformation with extremely painful consequences. In 1968, at the age of about 21, I also became allergic to various foods, sweets, beer, and solvents in paints and lacquers. My reactions were attacks of sweating, circulatory problems almost to the point of unconsciousness, and vomiting. In the same year – 1968 - I began to suffer from migraines with severe headaches and photosensitivity. It was a pulsating, sharp pain above the temples on both sides. In the mid-nineties, pain became noticeable in both knees. An x-ray examination revealed arthritis. From 2006, on I wore heel cushions in my shoes that were recommended by my family doctor. Painful heel spurs had gradually formed on both feet.


Healing from pain of the spine, joints and right ankle

Marie Francová (57), Zibohlavy (Czechs)

When I was 30 years of age, pain appeared first in my cervical spine, later more severely in the lumbar spine, and then gradually in all my joints. After making a false move, I could no longer stand up, and the pain would run down from my back. I was as if I was paralyzed from the waist down and had to be taken to bed. We would call the doctor, and he gave me injections to relieve the pain, sometimes even twice a day. This would repeat itself at intervals of two or more weeks, sometimes with more, sometimes with fewer complaints—regardless of whether I was active or still. Sometimes pain would paralyze me when hanging up the clothes. Only with effort was I able to hold onto the line to avoid falling like a wet sack to the ground. Only after taking a strong dose of painkiller was I eventually able to crawl into bed. Four or five times a year I would suffer from total immobility.


Heilung von chronischen Rückenschmerzen

Healing from chronic back pain

Danuta Piekarz (55), Warschau (Poland)

When I was 47 years old pain began that would not leave me for years. It began in the lower back, first sporadically and later more and more frequently. At 52 I got back pain every time I stood up or bent over. I also felt it when getting up in the morning and after walks that lasted more than half an hour. It was especially difficult for me when I had to stand during long bus trips, working in the kitchen or washing my hair. Since my legs were also heavy, walking became very strenuous for me. Because of these ailments it was torture for me to go shopping in big shopping centers where you move forward slowly and then have to stand in line at the checkout. I frequently had to stop to sit down and rest. My son helped me to carry the shopping bags and helped me walk by holding me under the arms.


Heilung von chronischen Rücken- und Kopfschmerzen

Healing from chronic back pain and headache

Lidija Grigoryevna Michel (55), Koktschetaw (Kasachstan)

In the year 1976, at the age of 25, I got severe back pain. The cause was probably the hard physical work on a construction site. At the time I had to carry wet cement mixtures for enclosures for a few days. For me as a woman that was a difficult task. Then one day I even had to call the emergency doctor. He had me admitted to hospital. The doctors there diagnosed an osteochondrosis of the entire spine. I had severe pain in the cervical-, thoracic- and lumbar spine and in every body part. I was given Diclofenac and various shots, as well as a tranquillizer.


Healing from 43 years of chronic spinal pain

Andrzej Kosienkowski (67), Warschau (Poland)

In 1965 I was serving in the military as a quarryman. While my colleague and I were lifting a very large, heavy tree stump, something suddenly snapped in my back and I felt a severe, sharp pain in my back. Since that time I have been accompanied by very severe pain in the lumbo-sacral region which restricted many of my functions such as standing, sitting, lying and even breathing.


Healing from enteritis and torsion-scoliosis with shortening of the leg

Josef Müller (55), Ingolstadt (Germany)

Bowel actions five or six times a day was always normal for me. But because I didn’t really have any pain I rarely went to the doctor. The agreed upon diagnosis was enteritis (chronic bowel disorder.) I was prescribed charcoal tablets, which makes the stool temporarily firmer and I only had to go to the toilet once or twice. As soon as I stopped taking them, the stool slowly became softer again and I could end up going to the toilet up to seven times per day. I lived with this for decades.


Iscjeljenje od bolovi u predjelu grudnog koža

Gospodin K. M. (71 g.) Ulm (Njemačka)

1964. godine sam dobio bolove u kralježnici, koji su zračili u grudni koš. I pored terapije su ti bolovi bivali sve gori. Često nisam od bolova znao što učiniti, pa sam spavao sjedeći na kauču. To stanje je trajalo 31 godinu. U zadnje vrijeme, danima nisam mogao ništa jesti od jakih bolova.

U listopadu 1993. sam uveden u Učenje Brune Gröninga i od tada sam redovno primao Heilstrom*. Sve do prosinca 1994. sam imao iste te bolove, koji su iznenada nestali. Od tada sam bez bolova.

Iscjeljenje od lumbago, bolovi u leđima u predjelu križa

G-đa. C. A. (48 g.) Heidelberg (Njemačka)

Već od 16-te godine sam svako jutro imala bolove u križima. Liječnik je rekao da mi je kičma iskrivljena. Bilo je dana kada sam imala tako jake bolove, da sam jedno vrijeme poslije ustajanja iz kreveta morala hodati sagnuta. Nekoliko sati kasnije bi bolovi popuštali, ali su se uvijek pojačavali kad sam obavljala neke fizičke poslove, tako da se stanje svake godine pogoršavalo. Nisam uzimala nikakve lijekove.

Od mog prvog susreta sa Učenjem Brune Gröninga, u lipnju 1988., više nisam imala bolove poslije ustajanja iz kreveta. Od sredine 1991. Obavljam sve poslove bez ikakvih bolova.

Iscjeljenje od lumbago, bolovi u leđima u predjelu križa

G-đa. H. C. (64 g.) Frankfurt (Njemačka)

Od djetinjstva sam patila od bolova u križima, na početku samo kad sam radila teške poslove, a kasnije i od sjedenja u uredu. Taj bol je postao kroničan od 1991. godine. Jedva sam hodala i sjedila, teško mi je bilo ustati iz fotelje, a noću sam se svaki put budila kad sam se htjela okrenuti na drugu stranu. 1992. mi je ortoped prepisao korzet, koji mi je pomagao, ali sam ga nosila samo kad sam morala teško raditi, puno hodati ili stajati. Spontano sam ozdravila prilikom uvoda u Učenje Brune Gröninga u rujnu 1994. Od tada su ti bolovi sasvim nestali, a korzet više nikada nisam upotrebljavala.

Iscjeljenje od lumbago, bolovi u leđima u predjelu križa

Gospodin R. R. (59 g.) Denver (SAD)

Za vrijeme jednog takmičenja padobranaca 1965. prilično grubo sam se spustio na stražnjicu i od onda sam patio od bolova u donjem dijelu leđa. Na početku mi je terapija omogućila bezbolno kretanje, ali su se kasnije pojavili još jači bolovi, koji su ponekad znali biti neizdrživi. Nisu mi pomogli ni akupunktura, ni masaža, kupke, bioenergija, joga ni ostale alternativne metode. Bio sam se pomirio s tim da ću cijelog života imati te bolove.

Sredinom 1995. sam saznao za Učenje Brune Gröninga. Odmah poslije uvoda su bolovi u leđima nestali i do danas se više nisu pojavili. Veoma sam zahvalan za to iscjeljenje.


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