Healings of back pain (thoracic, lumbar spine syndrome)

Abeysekera Abeysinghe (55)

Khỏi đau lưng mãn tính sau tai nạn

Abeysekera Abeysinghe (55, Phật tử), Ratmalana (Sri Lanka)

Tôi bị đau lưng nặng từ năm 1978, căn bệnh đã hành hạ và dày vò tôi. Ngày đó tôi cùng hai bạn chơi trò nâng và hạ các tảng đá to và nặng. Giữa chừng bạn tôi đã bỏ cuộc và thả tảng đá xuống còn tôi vẫn cố gắng giữ chúng. Trọng lượng đã quá nặng đối với tôi, ngay lập tức tôi có cảm giác như xương sống của mình đã bị chẻ làm đôi và cơ thể như bị xé toạc ra. Lúc đó tôi rất đau và không thể đi lại được nữa. Các bạn đã phải đưa tôi đến bệnh viện gần nhất, tôi đã phải nằm điều trị ở đó hàng tháng trời. Bác sỹ đã chẩn đoán là tôi bị thoái vị cột sống. Bác sỹ cũng nói rằng đến một lúc nào đó bệnh có thể đỡ. Tôi vẫn phải đến điều trị thường xuyên.

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Chữa lành khỏi các vấn đề kinh niên về lưng, dị ứng, đau nửa đầu, đau hai đầu gối, và lồi xương gót ở hai chân.

Horst-Hubertus Krug (65), Konstanz (Đức)

Năm 13 tuổi, lần đầu tiên tôi được bác sĩ chỉnh hình điều trị đau lưng nặng. Tôi cao thêm khoảng 8 inch mỗi năm. Cổ, ngực, và đốt sống thắt lưng của tôi trông biến dạng đáng kể với các triệu chứng đau đớn vô cùng.

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Healing from pain of the spine, joints and right ankle

Marie Francová (57), Zibohlavy (Czechs)

When I was 30 years of age, pain appeared first in my cervical spine, later more severely in the lumbar spine, and then gradually in all my joints. After making a false move, I could no longer stand up, and the pain would run down from my back. I was as if I was paralyzed from the waist down and had to be taken to bed. We would call the doctor, and he gave me injections to relieve the pain, sometimes even twice a day. This would repeat itself at intervals of two or more weeks, sometimes with more, sometimes with fewer complaints—regardless of whether I was active or still. Sometimes pain would paralyze me when hanging up the clothes. Only with effort was I able to hold onto the line to avoid falling like a wet sack to the ground. Only after taking a strong dose of painkiller was I eventually able to crawl into bed. Four or five times a year I would suffer from total immobility.

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Heilung von chronischen Rückenschmerzen

Healing from chronic back pain

Danuta Piekarz (55), Warschau (Poland)

When I was 47 years old pain began that would not leave me for years. It began in the lower back, first sporadically and later more and more frequently. At 52 I got back pain every time I stood up or bent over. I also felt it when getting up in the morning and after walks that lasted more than half an hour. It was especially difficult for me when I had to stand during long bus trips, working in the kitchen or washing my hair. Since my legs were also heavy, walking became very strenuous for me. Because of these ailments it was torture for me to go shopping in big shopping centers where you move forward slowly and then have to stand in line at the checkout. I frequently had to stop to sit down and rest. My son helped me to carry the shopping bags and helped me walk by holding me under the arms.

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Heilung von chronischen Rücken- und Kopfschmerzen

Healing from chronic back pain and headache

Lidija Grigoryevna Michel (55), Koktschetaw (Kasachstan)

In the year 1976, at the age of 25, I got severe back pain. The cause was probably the hard physical work on a construction site. At the time I had to carry wet cement mixtures for enclosures for a few days. For me as a woman that was a difficult task. Then one day I even had to call the emergency doctor. He had me admitted to hospital. The doctors there diagnosed an osteochondrosis of the entire spine. I had severe pain in the cervical-, thoracic- and lumbar spine and in every body part. I was given Diclofenac and various shots, as well as a tranquillizer.

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Healing from 43 years of chronic spinal pain

Andrzej Kosienkowski (67), Warschau (Poland)

In 1965 I was serving in the military as a quarryman. While my colleague and I were lifting a very large, heavy tree stump, something suddenly snapped in my back and I felt a severe, sharp pain in my back. Since that time I have been accompanied by very severe pain in the lumbo-sacral region which restricted many of my functions such as standing, sitting, lying and even breathing.

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Healing from enteritis and torsion-scoliosis with shortening of the leg

Josef Müller (55), Ingolstadt (Germany)

Bowel actions five or six times a day was always normal for me. But because I didn’t really have any pain I rarely went to the doctor. The agreed upon diagnosis was enteritis (chronic bowel disorder.) I was prescribed charcoal tablets, which makes the stool temporarily firmer and I only had to go to the toilet once or twice. As soon as I stopped taking them, the stool slowly became softer again and I could end up going to the toilet up to seven times per day. I lived with this for decades.

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Healing of pain in the thoracic spine

Mr K. M. (71), Ulm (Germany)

In 1964 I developed pains in the region of my thoracic spine which often radiated to my chest. Despite medical therapies the pain increased. Often I was at my wits' end because of this and at night had to sleep sitting upright on a couch. This situation lasted for 31 years. Eventually I reached the stage that occasionally I was unable to eat anything for days on end because of the pain.

In October 1993 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning and since then I regularly absorbed the healing stream. The pain continued until December 1994 but then suddenly it disappeared. Since then I am pain-free.

Healing of pain in the lumbar spine

Mrs C. A. (48), Heidelberg (Germany)

From the age of 16 I had pains in the lumbar region of my spine practically every morning. My doctor told me that I had a spinal curvature. There were mornings when the pain was so intense that for some hours I could only walk in a stooping position. Then the pains diminished, but physical work brought them back again, and in the course of time my problem worsened. However, I took no medicines.

Since my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in June 1988, I have not had a backache in the morning again and since the middle of 1991 I am able to do everything without pain.

Healing of pain in the lumbar spine

Mrs H.C. (64), Frankfurt (Germany)

I suffered from pain in my lumbar spine from childhood. In the past it only occurred when I engaged in heavy work but later it was brought on by long periods of sitting in my office, and from about 1991 it was a permanent factor.

Walking, standing and getting up from a chair was barely possible and during the night I awoke each time I turned around. In 1992 an orthopaedic surgeon prescribed a brace. This corset helped me immensely but I only put it on when I had a lot of walking, standing or working to do.

When I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in September 1994, I received spontaneous healing. Since then my backache has completely vanished. I have never used my brace again.

Healing of pain in the lumbar spine

Mr R. R. (59), Denver (USA)

In 1965 during a competition for parachutists I took a very hard landing on my backside. It was extremely painful and from then I suffered from pain in my lower back. At first therapy gave me relief, but after a while the pain recurred and occasionally was next to unbearable. Acupuncture, massage, medical baths, electrotherapy, yoga exercises and other alternative therapies did not help. I accepted the fact that I would always have to live with this condition.

In 1995 I heard of the teachings of Bruno Gröning. Immediately after my introduction my back was free from pain and to date this is still the case. I am very grateful for this healing.


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