Healing from arthritis and depressions

Richard Leo (61), Buffalo (USA)

Richard Leo (61), Buffalo (USA)At 21 I was diagnosed as having arthritis in the region of the cervical spine, as a result of which I couldn't turn my head. When with great effort I did turn my head I could hear a loud grinding in the calcified joints.

Depressions and arthritis

In 1991 states of depression began that appeared at regular intervals. During the first two years I was treated by a doctor, but treatment with medication was not possible. From 1993 on I had pain that became worse and worse. I woke up every morning with painful, stiff hands and fingers. I love to drum with my hands. I had to do it for a half an hour every time before the pain went away.

October 6, 2002

Two years ago I learned of Bruno Gröning from a program on a local radio station. I liked what I heard. A few days later I attended the physician's lecture at the University of Buffalo Medical School that had been announced. I had already concerned myself in the past with many different alternative methods of healing. Spiritual healing through the teachings of Bruno Gröning comes closest to my own views on matters of health and the power and influence of thoughts on one's own health.

Healing within few weeks

Since October 6, 2002 I have been free from depressions. Within two weeks thereafter the arthritis in my hands and fingers also disappeared. I wake up every morning without pain. A few weeks after the lecture I was able to turn my head very easily without crackling sounds and without pain. And so it has remained until today.

Medical commentary:

Mr. Leo obviously describes here a cervicalgia with severe degenerative changes. Such an illness usually worsens in its course and can at best only be mitigated by medical therapy. A spontaneous healing without therapeutic measures is medically incomprehensible and inexplicable.

According to the description it was most likely a mild rheumatoid arthritis, but with degenerative changes in the finger joints. In both cases it would have been expected that the ailments would worsen and become chronic. A spontaneous healing within two weeks without therapy is inexplicable.

A spontaneous healing of depression that had lasted 11 years despite medical treatment within weeks is - assuming no massive change in living conditions took place - not to be expected from a medical point of view and absolutely extraordinary and remarkable.

K.-F. K., M. D.



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