Healing from allergies and bronchial asthma

Constantin Riedl (41), Regensburg (Deutschland)

Constantin Riedl (41), Regensburg (Deutschland)

For around 25 years, from spring to autumn - during the blooming period of grasses and trees - I suffered from severe hay fever with red, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing attacks, continually swollen mucous membranes, and frequent sinusitis.

I could no longer work in the garden or experience nature

I usually spent the summer in the house. Cycling or other outings were only possible if I took medication beforehand. On the following day I would be completely exhausted and needed the whole day to recuperate. During the acute periods, I would often use up a jumbo package of tissues. Moreover, I reacted allergically to animal hair, feathers, nuts, house dust, and alcohol which manifested itself through sneezing, catarrh, scratching and swelling of the throat as far as dyspnoea. If I came into contact with metals containing nickel or chrome, my skin would react with itching eczema on my hands and dryness. Cortisone salves helped only short-term. Because of the house dust allergy, which had lasted for ten years, I was forced to vacuum and clean every day. All my bedding had to be replaced by microfiber blankets. Neither traditional medicine nor alternative healing methods were able to improve these conditions.

I had a suffocating feeling

During the last 12 years asthma attacks with breathing difficulty, sweating attacks and feelings of anxiety occurred more and more frequently. Then at night I would run from the bed to the open window but still get no air. For a long time I was only able to sleep with two or three pillows under my head because my lungs were continually congested. When I lay flat I had a suffocating feeling. This sloping position would then cause additional back pain. Contact with a lot of dust at my workplace would stop up my nose and make me look as if I was continually crying. A pulmonary specialist made the diagnosis "allergic bronchial asthma with bronchial hyper-responsiveness." The prescribed medication didn't lead to recovery, only bringing about temporary relief.

Attending the documentary film

In March, 2006, I saw the documentary film about the life and work of Bruno Gröning in a cinema. During the presentation I often felt tightness in my chest and had the feeling as if something were closing up my throat. At the same time I sometimes noticed a tingling and warmth in my body. The following day the typical signs of a cold appeared with fatigue, catarrh and coughing. I was able to accept these symptoms as Regelungen*. I am now free from all complaints. In April, 2006, when I arranged an Easter bouquet of blooming flowers, I was able to enjoy it without disturbing allergies.

Free from all burden

Meanwhile, I have also made friends with the neighborhood cat. Since the spring of 2006, no more allergic reactions of any kind have appeared. I can work in the garden again without gloves and get neither hay fever nor a skin rash. Since spring of 2006, I have also been free of alcohol and nut allergies. In the summer of 2007, I hiked in the mountains for three days during the wildflower blooming period. Here, too, there were no signs of hay fever: I was free.

In the same way, since I attended the documentary film at the end of March, the allergy to metals containing chrome and nickel has never again appeared. It is possible for me to wear jeans with buttons containing nickel or wrist watches without redness and itching of the skin. The hand creams have disappeared even though I still come into contact with metals. I can sleep again on a completely normal mattress with a cozy eiderdown cover and only one pillow and begin the day without back pain and coughing attacks.

Around two weeks after going to the cinema, I was aware for the first time that I hadn't been using the asthma spray any more, even with dust exposure at work - I was free from respiratory distress. In the autumn of 2006, I moved to the old part of town despite being warned of a higher degree of fine dust pollution there. The fine dust becomes noticeable during the warm season when the windows are open day and night. Here too, however, I've had no breathing problems. I was able to renovate the apartment without restrictions. In the city there are many pigeons which often drop their feathers onto the balcony. I can dispose of them without attacks of sneezing. In the summer I am able to enjoy walks in parks or along the Danube with no trouble.

Since attending the film I can fully withstand physical stress again and am even able to cycle up steep mountains without attacks of asthma. Since then I have no longer needed any medication.

Medical commentary:

A spontaneous healing after decades under all kinds of medication for persistent asthma and numerous allergies is absolutely unusual and medically inexplicable.


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