Healing after 14 years of deafness of the left ear

Alina Bąk (55), Ustka (Poland)

Alina Bąk (55), Ustka (Polen)

In the year 1994, during a hospital stay, I got an infection of the right middle ear which hadn’t completely healed at my discharge. When watching television in the evening I asked my son to turn up the sound because I could hardly understand anything. My son said that the volume was already set very high. That surprised me because until then I had always heard well. So I first removed the cotton which I had earlier stuffed into my right ear - which was then still inflamed - and determined that I was able to hear again. It occurred to me that something was wrong with my left ear.

Treatment brought no improvement

I went to the ENT physician, who diagnosed a complete hearing loss in my left ear and recommended that I use a hearing aid. But I didn’t buy the device because I was of the opinion that it was enough to have one functioning ear. Treatments such as pumping air through the nose and ear irrigation brought no improvement.

Because of the one-sided deafness, I was forced to turn up the volume of the television set and radio. There was a continual noise in my left ear like the sound of a cricket. I always had to hold the receiver up to my right ear when telephoning. In company I was able to perceive that someone was talking to me, but often didn’t understand the other person and had to ask them to repeat what they had said. I would automatically direct my good right ear toward the person speaking.

I knew the pain was due to Regelungen

In July of 2007, I learned of Bruno Gröning for the first time and was introduced to the teaching on January 10, 2008. I felt heat, a tingling in my limbs, and pain in the area of my left ear which radiated into the left side of my head. During the first community hour, I learned that this pain was due to Regelungen*. At home I absorbed the Heilstrom*, even more often than twice a day. Severe pain would appear around the left ear along with an aching inside the ear, but I already knew that it was the Regelungen. I attended the community hours regularly.

On March 30, 2008 when doing einstellen during the evening, I felt severe, almost unbearable pain in the area of my left ear. At the same time diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, and headache weakened my body so much that I could no longer stand. The emergency doctor who was called gave me medication to improve the intestinal peristalsis. I didn’t take the prescribed medication because I believed in the Regelungen.

Suddenly I was able to hear again

On April 10, 2008, I turned on the television and the sound suddenly seemed very loud. At this moment I got the idea to hold my finger in my right ear and determined that I could hear again with my left ear. I shouted for joy and danced all over the house. Television volume is now sufficient for me. When telephoning, I hold the receiver as desired, sometimes on the right side, sometimes on the left side. In conversations with other people I can now always understand on both sides exactly what is being said.

Doctor’s commentary:

Ms. Alina Bąk suffered for 14 years from complete deafness of her left ear. An independent return of lost hearing is not usually observed medically.
J. K., M.D.


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