Healing from alcohol addiction

A. v. R. (64), Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Ab van Roon (64), Rotterdam (Niederlande)I drank one or two beers occasionally to relax in the evening. Due to hopeless circumstances in my life, the amount of alcohol increased over the years. As of summer 1998 I sometimes drank 30 to 40 glasses of beer daily.

In 1982 I lost my job and, therefore, my colleagues and received an invalid pension. Separation from my wife and children followed, whom I was not allowed to see for over 20 years. I felt powerless and very sad. So I began to guzzle. I could not call it drinking any more.

On January 17, 2001 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. Following the second community hour (after three weeks) I could report that I wasn’t drinking any more alcohol. I didn’t even have any withdrawal symptoms. I can keep beer at home for guests without feeling the need to drink along with them.

Psychological commentary:

Mr. v. R. suffered from a longstanding, massive alcohol dependency with tolerance (steady increase). Over a period of 20 years, his consumption increased from one to two glasses to 30 or 40 glasses of beer a day in the last two years.

In the middle of January he was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, stopped consuming alcohol within three weeks and afterwards completely, without any withdrawal symptoms and has not drunk another drop of alcohol since, namely for two and a half years. This course of events, especially the absence of withdrawal symptoms and the abstinence in spite of keeping beer in the house and in the presence of drinking guests, cannot be explained by the state of psychological knowledge accepted as valid today. In spite of detoxification measures and psychotherapy, the rate of relapse is ca. 95%. The connection between the time factor of absorbing the Heilstrom and the onset of two and a half years of consumption abstinence to this day, after 20 years of alcohol addiction, makes the cause and effect link with the working of the Heilstrom very clear.

P. W. L., Psychologist



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