Healing from nicotine and alcohol addiction

J. B. (59), Bielefeld (Germany)

I smoked for approximately 33 years and at the end I smoked about 60 cigarettes a day. During the night my coughing interrupted my sleep and I became nervous and irritable. I became short of breath whenever I was under physical strain. Whenever I climbed the stairs, I had to take a break after every 10 steps.

I started to drink alcohol regularly at the age of 19, about two to three times a week. Throughout the years I gradually drank more. At the end I drank one bottle of wine or a half to one bottle of brandy every single evening. I was afraid that somebody would notice that and so I drank mostly from Friday to Sunday. In the last 5 years I had tried to quit drinking several times. But after six or seven days I began to drink again.

In August, 1992, I was introduced to the teaching of Bruno Gröning. Half a year later I was able to stop smoking. Right after the introduction I suddenly drank only one or two glasses of alcohol a week. About one and a half years later I drank a bottle of champagne once again. Ever since that time I didn't feel like drinking any alcohol. Once in a while I drink a glass of alcohol when I have dinner or lunch or when there are friends around, but there is no desire for more.

Psychologist's commentary:

Mr. B had smoked up to 60 cigarettes a day for 33 years. As a consequence he got chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In addition he became nicotine addicted. At the end he drank almost one bottle of brandy every evening. After he learned about the teaching of Bruno Gröning, Mr. B. became free of nicotine and alcohol addiction. Instead of the emptiness he had been feeling inside himself for so long he is now full of joy. The way he drinks alcohol now has changed completely and it resembles the habits of a non alcoholic person.
E. R.-A., Psychologist


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