Healing from hardness of hearing in the right ear and tinnitus

Mr. L. (32), Singapore

At 14 years of age (1990), I listened to loud music on a Walkman every day. After about half an hour I could no longer hear well in my right ear. I noticed it especially when telephoning. I ignored it, but did stop listening to loud music with the headphones. The hardness of hearing in my right ear remained unchanged. I heard nearby sounds as if the noise were far away. In the year 2005 I started listening to loud music again. During this period a permanent high whistling began in both ears, a little more right than left. It was very unpleasant. Since it didn't seriously interfere with my daily life, however, I didn't go to the doctor.

Healing after a internet conference of the Circle of friends

On October 27, 2003, I participated in an introduction to the teaching of Bruno Gröning in Singapore. During the introduction I had a gentle feeling in my ear. When I went home I noticed a slight improvement in the hearing of my right ear. My visits to the community hours and doing einstellen at home were irregular. During the following years I no longer thought about the ailment. I was already used to it. When the noises appeared in my ears in 2005 I didn't think of Regelungen. I just went on living with it, but the Heilstrom I was absorbing lessened the whistling. In June of 2008 I participated in an internet conference. It was the direct transmission of the spring conference of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends. In this way I was able to "be there" three hours a day for two days.

About two days later I had a very pleasant, soft feeling on both eardrums, comparable to the feeling you get on your hands when applying a cream. Late in the evening I noticed that everything was very quiet. The whistling in my ears had completely disappeared. Things I previously had perceived as far away I could now hear as clearly as if they were right next to me. I was very astonished and knew then that I had received a healing. Then I tested it with the telephone and determined that I could actually hear equally well with both ears. In this way I received my healing sitting in front of the computer.


Doctor's commentary:

Mr. L. had hardness of hearing along with noises in the ears which had arisen through inner-ear damage resulting from noise trauma. Alleviation can be obtained in the first days with circulation-promoting, vasodilatation medication, but that is successful in only a few cases. After 18 years of hardness of hearing in his right ear and three years of tinnitus, Mr. L. experienced a total healing of both ailments through an introduction to the teaching of Bruno Gröning alone; as a medical specialist, I cannot explain this.


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