Healings of chest pain (angina)


Heilung von Angina-pectoris-Beschwerden, Luftnot bei koronarer Herzkrankheit, Verstopfung

Healing of angina pectoris, shortness of breath due to coronary heart disease, and constipation

Christa Nehm (68), Baunatal (Germany)

I had been suffering from heart problems since 1984. The pains radiated from my left arm up to my neck and into my jaw. Severe coronary heart disease was diagnosed. It was found that the blood vessels supplying my heart were constricted. Consequently, I had two heart attacks. Repeated vascular dilatation didn’t bring lasting results and various forms of medication (Isoket 120, ASA 100, Selectol, Loperin, Dytide H and nitro spray if needed) and time spent in two rehabilitation centers didn’t help to stabilize my physical condition. I was only able to take care of light housework while sitting down. It was not possible for me to make beds, wash windows or vacuum. I wasn’t able to climb steps anymore. Even minimal physical activity led to breathlessness and a feeling of constriction in the left side of my chest. At times I couldn’t even walk more than 500 meters on level ground. I suffered from chronic constipation for 40 years. In the last few years I had to take six tablets of Dulcalax in order to have a bowel movement.

اِقرأ المزيد...

شفاء من أوجاع في القلب (Angina pectoris)

السيد ك. د. (٥٧)، ريغنسبورغ، (المانيا)

في يوليو ١٩٧٩ أصبت بنوبة قلبية؛ في عام ١٩٨٠ حصلت أربع نوبات من ال Angina pectoris والذهاب الى المستشفى وبيت المصحة من جديد. بالتالي أوصيت بالتقاعد ولم استطع حمل أشياء ثقيلة والمشي بكشل سريع وصعود الدرج؛ وصفت بحبوب القلب؛ عند النوبات الكثيرة كنت أساعد نفسي من خلال بخاخ النيترو؛ في عام ١٩٨١ زرت معالجا في الفلبين ونلت الشفاء. لكن في الخريف من عام ١٩٨٤ عادت نوبات ال Angina pectoris مجددا. عملية جراحية لوضع مجازة رباعية في شباط ١٩٨٥ أتت بالتحسن؛ في النصف من عام ١٩٨٨ عادت النوبات من جديد. تصوير الأوعية التاجية كشف عن انسداد احدى المجاوز. تناولت الأدوية التالية بشكل يومي: Isoket, Corvaton ret., Aspirin 100, Tenormin, Mevinacor, Nifedipin, Arelix. بين ست لسبع مرات في النهار تناولت بخاخ ال Nitrolingual التي أتاني بتحسن ما. كشف فحص رسم القلب بالموجات الكهربائية تحت إجهاد بدني في عام ١٩٩٠ أنني أتحمل الإجهاد الجسدي حتى ٧٥ واطا فقط.

في يوليو ١٩٩١ تعرفت الى تعاليم Bruno Gröning؛ استعطت تَرك بخاخ النيترو على الفور بسبب عدم الاضطرابات. اليوم يمكنني صعود الدرج من جديد، حتى الى الطابق السابع. أتحمل الإجهاد البدني بشكل كامل ولا احتاج الى الأدوية؛ الاضطرابات التي دامت لمدة سنين طويلة اختفت وبأعجوبة.

Healing of ischemic heart disease (coronary heart disease)

Mr E. G. (61), Saarbrücken (Germany)

After participating regularly for more than 30 years in running events up to 25 kilometers, I suddenly developed pressing pains in my chest region which spread to my larynx and left arm. My doctor diagnosed angina pectoris caused by a disturbed blood supply to my heart. As the problem occurred more frequently in the course of time despite therapy, a cardiac catheter examination was made in May 1991 and a constricted blood vessel of the heart was dilated with an inflator. But in November 1991 the problems were there again and they were worse than before. I could no longer climb sixteen stairs and any physical strain immediately brought on chest pain and shortness of breath. A Nitrolingual aerosol spray gave me short-term relief. My doctor advised me urgently to have a bypass operation. My interest in living was absolutely nil.

In February 1992 I watched the television programme: "Veritable Miracles" and learned about Bruno Gröning. I was introduced to his teachings in March, a month later. After this I could again run short (100 m) distances without pain. A year later I was strong enough to withstand every strain. I no longer need medication and am perfectly well.

Healing of ischemic heart disease (coronary heart disease)

Mr H. R. (65), Wegberg (Germany)

Before my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in November 1987, I had, over the years, often had strong heart pain and shortness of breath, particularly after great stress and excitement. I could not climb a flight of stairs without stopping for a rest. This was because the blood vessels to my heart were constricted through arterioslerosis. My doctor diagnosed angina pectoris as a result of coronary heart disease. I was prescribed tablets and always carried a Nitrolingual aerosol spray with me which helped when I had an attack.

After my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning my problems simply vanished. A follow-up examination by my doctor produced a normal exercise electrocardiogram. I no longer need medication. I can climb several flights of stairs without stopping and without a problem. Even extensive walking tours in the Black Forest and Austria, which years ago were quite unthinkable, are once again possible.


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