Healings of chest pain (angina)


Curación de angina de pecho, falta de respiración debida a una enfermedad coronaria, y estreñimiento

Christa Nehm (68), Baunatal (Alemania))

Padecí de problemas cardíacos desde el año 1984. Los dolores se extendían desde el brazo izquierdo hasta el cuello y la mandíbula. Me diagnosticaron una enfermedad coronaria grave. Se descubrió que los vasos sanguíneos que abastecían mi corazón estaban estrechados. Después de esto, tuve dos ataques al corazón. La dilatación vascular repetida no produjo resultados duraderos, tampoco lo hicieron los medicamentos (Isoket 120, ASA 100, Selectol, Loperin, Dytide H y nitro spray), ni tampoco el tiempo que pasé en dos centros de rehabilitación. Todo esto no me ayudó a estabilizar mi condición física. Sólo podía ocuparme de las tareas domésticas fáciles, mientras que estaba sentada. No podía hacer la cama, ni lavar las ventanas o pasar la aspiradora. Ya no era capaz de subir las escaleras. Incluso una mínima actividad física, conseguía dejarme sin respiración y sentía dolor en el lado izquierdo del pecho. A veces ni siquiera podía caminar más de 500 metros en terreno llano. Además, padecí de estreñimiento crónico durante 40 años. En los últimos años, he tenido que tomar seis pastillas de Dulcalax para poder ir al baño.

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Healing of ischemic heart disease (coronary heart disease)

Mr K. D. (57), Regensburg (Germany)

In July 1979 I had a heart attack, followed, in 1980, by four attacks of angina pectoris, which led to the inevitable cycle of hospital followed by health sanatorium. Then I was pensioned. I was not allowed to lift anything, walk fast or climb stairs and was prescribed heart tablets. I used a Nitro-glycerine spray to help me overcome the frequent attacks. In 1981 I flew to a healer in the Philippines. His treatment was successful. But in the autumn of 1984 the angina pectoris attacks recurred. A quadruple-bypass operation in February 1985 brought a change for the better. In mid-1988 there were renewed attacks. A coronangiography showed that one of the bypasses had blocked again. My daily intake of medicines included: Isosorbide Dinitrate, Tenormin, Nifedipine, Arelix (diuretic), Corvaton ret. (coronary drug), low dose Aspirin and Mevinacor (cholesterol depressant). I had to use a Nitrolingual spray five to six times a day for relief. The maximum stress I could stand when I had an exercise electrocardiogram was 75 watts.

In July 1991 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. Immediately I could lay aside the Nitro-spray because my problems had vanished. Once again I can climb flights of stairs up to the seventh floor and withstand maximum stress. I no longer need medication. The problems I have had for years have miraculously disappeared.

Healing of ischemic heart disease (coronary heart disease)

Mr E. G. (61), Saarbrücken (Germany)

After participating regularly for more than 30 years in running events up to 25 kilometers, I suddenly developed pressing pains in my chest region which spread to my larynx and left arm. My doctor diagnosed angina pectoris caused by a disturbed blood supply to my heart. As the problem occurred more frequently in the course of time despite therapy, a cardiac catheter examination was made in May 1991 and a constricted blood vessel of the heart was dilated with an inflator. But in November 1991 the problems were there again and they were worse than before. I could no longer climb sixteen stairs and any physical strain immediately brought on chest pain and shortness of breath. A Nitrolingual aerosol spray gave me short-term relief. My doctor advised me urgently to have a bypass operation. My interest in living was absolutely nil.

In February 1992 I watched the television programme: "Veritable Miracles" and learned about Bruno Gröning. I was introduced to his teachings in March, a month later. After this I could again run short (100 m) distances without pain. A year later I was strong enough to withstand every strain. I no longer need medication and am perfectly well.

Healing of ischemic heart disease (coronary heart disease)

Mr H. R. (65), Wegberg (Germany)

Before my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in November 1987, I had, over the years, often had strong heart pain and shortness of breath, particularly after great stress and excitement. I could not climb a flight of stairs without stopping for a rest. This was because the blood vessels to my heart were constricted through arterioslerosis. My doctor diagnosed angina pectoris as a result of coronary heart disease. I was prescribed tablets and always carried a Nitrolingual aerosol spray with me which helped when I had an attack.

After my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning my problems simply vanished. A follow-up examination by my doctor produced a normal exercise electrocardiogram. I no longer need medication. I can climb several flights of stairs without stopping and without a problem. Even extensive walking tours in the Black Forest and Austria, which years ago were quite unthinkable, are once again possible.


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