Healings of lumboischialgia

Heilung von chronischem Ödem und linksseitiger Ischialgie

Healing from chronic edema and left-sided sciatica

Krystyna Labuda (65), Warsaw (Poland)

In November, 2004, Krystyna Labuda was offered a role as dubbing-speaker in the Polish version of the documentary film on Bruno Gröning. Thus she actually came in contact with the Circle of Friends while "studying for her role". She tells: "Thirty years ago, as a young woman, I twisted my right foot, but didn’t go to the doctor. I later regretted this negligence. Whenever I had to carry something heavy or climb many stairs my foot and ankle would swell up and become red. Although it didn’t hurt it was very unpleasant. The two surgeons that I visited determined that I had let the ailment go too long and that treatment would no longer be effective. Even the circulatory problems that had been foreseen for me appeared. It was as if the foot that I saw there didn’t belong to me - it felt as if it were dead. Thus, I learned to live with it.


Healing of sciatica

Mr H. R. (65), Wegberg (Germany)

Because of abrasions on the intervertebral discs in my lumbar spine region and wear and tear of my vertebral column I constantly suffered from backache from the beginning of the 1970's. The pain often spread from my back into my right leg. When stooping, carrying heavy loads or running longer distances the pain was particularly intense. Strong analgesics (for example Feldene 20 and Butazolidin ) together with mud packs, massage and electro-therapy gave me only short- term relief.

When I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in November 1987, I received spontaneous healing. Since then I can, once again, make every movement without pain. I can even work in my garden and no longer need medication nor therapies.

Healing of sciatica

Mrs L. R. (66), Berlin (Germany)

From 1980 I had sudden, strong attacks of pain in my lumbar region at regular intervals. The pain was so intense that it took my breath away. The doctor I summoned always gave me an injection in the painful area. After half-an-hour it took effect and I was without pain. However, in April 1991 the pain became paralysis. I was examined by an orthopaedic surgeon who diagnosed sciatica with partial paralysis. I sat in a wheel-chair unable to do anything any more. Even sleeping was only possible for four hours at night. Treatment with various injections and physiotherapy had no effect. I consulted another doctor who also could not help me. I was desperate.

Through a television programme in 1992 I heard of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends. Three weeks after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning I felt something happening in my body. It was miraculous. All the pain as well as the paralysis was suddenly gone without a trace. Since then I have not used my crutches. Now I am able to walk as I did before, climb stairs and do everything I enjoy. I am very grateful for this tremendous healing.

Healing of sciatica

Mrs H. S. (49), Olpe (Germany)

For 13 years I had severe attacks of pain in my back, my hips and my whole leg. I received injections and was ordered to bed for up to eight days. When I was advised to have an operation for "therapy-resistant sciatica" I switched to household remedies.

Shortly after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning the familiar pain suddenly became very intense. Then it was gone and has never recurred.

Healing of sciatica

Mrs E. G. (64), Heidelberg (Germany)

For more than five years I constantly suffered from sciatic pain on my right side from above my buttocks and down my leg to my heel. It was a tugging pain which manifested whenever I moved, whether walking, standing, sitting or lying. I could not climb stairs properly and slept with a special cushion. Injections of Norgesic several times a week, different ointments, ABC-plasters and analgesic suppositories only gave me temporary relief. A six-week cure of injections in my neck, vertebral column, shoulder blades, legs, knees and ankle bones was torture.

Until my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning there was no change in my condition. About two months after my introduction I no longer had any pain.

Healing of sciatica

Mr J. C. (61), Eupen (Belgium)

From my fortieth year I suffered from intense pain in my lower back which often extended into both thighs. During 20 years of medical treatment numerous x-rays showed severe wear and tear of my intervertebral discs. All the prescribed therapies: massage, mud packs, Kneipp baths, underwater massage and ointments did not help and I had to take early retirement at the age of 58.

At the end of May 1991 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning and since then I have been totally pain-free.


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