The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning

On the track of the "Miracle Healer"

DVD: Das Phänomen Bruno Gröning

Documentary film in three parts

In spring 1949, thousands of healing seekers streamed to the Westphalian town of Herford in Germany. In the fall of that same year a legion of misery of up to 30,000 people were drawn to the Traberhof in Rosenheim every day. All of them had but one goal: the famous “miracle healer” Bruno Gröning – as he was called by the press at the time. He was their last hope. Beaten down by the war, given up on by doctors, these people had just one wish: to become healthy, to be relieved of suffering and pain. Gröning was to help them … and the unbelievable happened.
The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning retraces the dramatic events of that time and follows the tracks of this unusual man. Honest, objective and insightful, the movie illuminates the individual stages of his life and work.

The production of the movie took nine years, 80 contemporary witnesses were interviewed, dramatic re-enactments were filmed and innumerable documents were copied. The outcome is a monumental motion picture. A historical document about one of the most outstanding personalities of his time.

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Film Dokumenter:
Bruno Gröning"

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