Healing from knee and spinal arthritis and scoliosis

Nguyen Thi Bao Ngoc (73), Ho-Chi-Minh-City (Vietnam)

In 2004, I developed pain in my right knee. It was red and swollen. I could hardly climb stairs anymore, bend the knee or squat. X-rays from the year 2005 showed that my knee had degenerated. The doctor prescribed medication for me to swallow and rub in, and also to lessen the pain (Dodatalvic analgesic and Glucosamine 250 mg). I also had physiotherapy, but without success. Climbing stairs was a torment. The taking of Chinese and Vietnamese herbal medicines also didn’t help.

I could no longer do anything

Along with the knee problems, in 2004 I also had pain in my lower back. I couldn’t bend over any more. Sitting and standing up was accompanied by severe back pain. All turning movements involving the spine were very painful. I could no longer clean the floor; kitchen work was possible only with pain; I was dependent on the help of my children. So I always had to move about very carefully. In 2005, it was determined in the hospital that I had degeneration of the lumbar vertebrae along with a lateral curvature of the spine. The doctor said that nothing could be done. It was age-related, and I had to live with it. I was no longer able to carry out my work as a dance teacher or engage in my hobby of ping-pong.

I had the feeling that I was being spoken to in my heart

In early March of 2008, I was again very depressed, and wept. I would hold the ping-pong paddle that my friend Ms. Tin had bought for me in China. She was very worried about me and therefore invited me to visit her at home on March 9, 2008, where an introduction to the teaching of Bruno Gröning was being held. During the lecture I was very skeptical, because I am not Protestant, Catholic or Buddhist. I only perform ancestor worship. I thought, “If the good medicine from France, Japan and China can’t help me, then I don’t think this teaching can help me, either. Actually, I thought that no one could help me anymore. But then “something” happened. I had the feeling that I was being spoken to in my heart. Therefore I attended a community hour with my friends Tin and Xuan and experienced the most wonderful day of my life. I suddenly realized that I could believe in wellness again and that I hadn’t lost my belief in it after all. I realized that this was my last chance. I wept out of joy and happiness. I then did einstellen regularly and got severe pain in my right knee and lower back that lasted three days. After that the pain decreased and I got better day by day. I attended the community hour every three weeks and regularly did einstellen to the healing force. After almost a month, my health was completely restored. Since then I have been able to move about normally, freely climb many stairs, squat down, bend over, get into the bathtub to take a bath, scrub the floor and make turning movements. My belief in God has grown through the teaching of Bruno Gröning and the wonderful things I have been able to experience. I am grateful to God for having given me a new life through Bruno Gröning’s teaching. Now I dance all the wonderful dances again and play my favorite sport of ping-pong.

Doctor’s commentary:

For a period of four years, Ms. Bao suffered from chronic, stress-related pain from advanced arthritis of her right knee as well as degenerative changes of the lower lumbar spine. In spite of application of appropriate pain medication, there were serious restrictions on her quality of life which became increasingly worse. Even utilizing the available treatment possibilities, a substantial and lasting improvement of the problems is usually not to be expected with these chronic clinical pictures; in regard to the knee arthritis, only an artificial knee-joint promises any hope of freedom from pain. From a medical standpoint, it is very unusual that Ms. Bao should obtain a complete reduction of pain as well as a restoration of mobility within only one month. The close chronological relationship with the introduction to the teaching of Bruno Gröning is obvious.
M.K., M.D.


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