Healings of hair loss

Healing of alopecia totalis of the scalp

Mrs S. K. (31), Munich (Germany)

From childhood my hair had fallen out and as I grew older this condition steadily worsened and was accompanied by sudden, unpleasant attacks of itching which lasted sometimes for hours and sometimes for days. As a young woman of 28 I had no hair left on my head and had to wear a wig. I was desperate and ready to do anything that would heal me. Several medical examinations - four of them in university skin clinics - brought no results. The cause could not be established. Numerous therapies from alternative medical practitioners as well as the removal of amalgam fillings from my teeth and mercury drainage and vitamins and mineral preparations all proved negative. A six-week treatment with cortisone controlled the itching and my hair began to grow back. But once I stopped taking the tablets all my hair fell out again within two weeks.

In November 1993, immediately after I had been introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, the itching stopped. My hair began to grow back slowly. In November 1994 I was able to remove my wig and to date I have not needed it again. I cannot describe how happy I am.

Healing of diffuse hair loss

Mrs H. K. (63), Cologne (Germany)

From the age of 50 I had constant hair loss. The hair on my head kept getting thinner. My doctor presumed this had something to do with menopause and prescribed a tincture to rub into my scalp, but it didn't help.

After my introduction I attuned myself to the healing stream every day and simply forgot about losing my hair. It stopped falling out and now I have a head of thick hair with body.

Healing of alopecia and upper body skin irritation

Mrs I. K. (39), Oldenburg (Germany)

Since the beginning of 1989 I suffered from an extremely dry, itchy scalp. I constantly had to scratch and could barely stand it. Although I only used baby shampoo there were several red, watery patches on my head that would not heal. My family doctor prescribed a tranquilliser but it was only partially effective for two hours. It also made me tired and I stopped taking it. My condition worsened. The hair on my head began to fall out and I found it very difficult to accept this situation. The skin on my upper body, particularly my back, began to dry out increasingly. My skin specialist resorted to an ointment containing cortisone (Triamcinolon) which only relieved the itch somewhat.

The week following my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning I no longer thought about my problem. I positively forgot about it. At the end of the week I checked my scalp and saw that the patches were no longer damp. The skin on my head and back no longer itched. A few weeks later the patches had disappeared completely. My skin is pink, healthy and soft and the hair on my head has grown back again.

Healing of alopecia areata (localised area of hair loss, cm across)

Mrs M. J. (43), Eupen (Belgium)

As a result of a hormonal disturbance my hair in the middle of my scalp fell out in an area 5 cm in diameter. Special shampoo and medication did not help.

After my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning my hair stopped falling out. It actually grew back and the bald area has now disappeared.


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