Healings of migraine

Àgnes Szilágyi (58), Pécs (Ungarn)

Cura de enxaqueca

Àgnes Szilágyi (58), Pécs (Hungria)

Tive enxaquecas desde 13 anos de idade, cerca de 45 anos. Os ataques apareciam de 11 a 12 dias por mês, e eram acompanhados de fortes dores de cabeça, vômitos e problemas de concentração. Durante os ataques cada órgão sensorial ficava mais sensível, cada barulho afetava meus nervos, e até a luz era dolorosa. Era terrível, quase insuportável. Além da fraqueza física sentia também náuseas e vômitos graves. Tentei aliviar os ataques com Algopyrin, Demalgon e inúmeros medicamentos, mas infelizmente nenhum deles ajudou.

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Healing from 40 years of constant migraines

Frau Verica Jovanovic (62), Split (Croatia)

In 1966, at the age of 20, I got the first severe headaches, which appeared after my night shift. I am a nurse by profession and care for the patients after operations. This work carries a lot of responsibility and is very demanding, above all at night. The headaches would appear once a week after every night shift, extending from my forehead to the temples.

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Healing from 40 years of migraines

Annegrete Schmidt (60), Heide (Germany)

At 11 years of age, I often got severe headaches, which became more intense in the following years. At about 18, I would have migraine-like headaches at least every four weeks that lasted a full three days, and in especially severe cases five days. My father, too, suffered all his life from the same ailment. The migraine attack always began with very severe pain which would move up from my neck to my forehead. The entire left half of my face, including my scalp, would become numb and insensitive.

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Heilung von Augenmigräne

Healing migraine of the eyes

Mario Breuer (40), Kerkrade (Netherlands)

In 1975 I suddenly had severe visual disturbances. Within a few minutes I lost almost all my vision. This condition lasted about half an hour. After that, the attacks recurred about every six months. Later I also got headaches that were sometimes very severe, and I would frequently have to throw up. The headaches and vomiting always occurred immediately after the visual disturbances had stopped. Then the pain would continue all day long. Over the years I gradually started to fear that I would lose my eyesight completely. In general, I was able to control my fear and avoided reading very long because I wanted to take the strain off my eyes. Finally the ophthalmologist diagnosed "migraine of the eyes". He said nothing could be done and I would have to live with it. He, too, suffered from the disease.

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Cura de problemas crônicos nas costas, alergias, enxaqueca, dor em ambos os joelhos e esporão do calcâneo em ambos os calcanhares

Horst-Hubertus Krug (65), Konstanz (Alemanha)

Aos 13 anos, fui tratado pela primeira vez por um ortopedista para dores nas costas. Cresci cerca de 8 polegadas em um ano. Minhas vértebras cervicais, torácicas e lombares mostraram deformação considerável com conseqüências extremamente dolorosas. Em 1968, aos 21 anos também me tornei alérgico a vários alimentos, doces, cervejas e solventes em tintas e lacas. Minhas reações eram ataques de suor, problemas circulatórios quase ao ponto de inconsciência e vômitos. No mesmo ano - 1968 – comecei a sofrer de enxaquecas com fortes dores de cabeça e fotossensibilidade. Era uma dor aguda e pulsante acima das têmporas dos dois lados. Em meados dos anos noventa, a dor tornou-se perceptível em ambos os joelhos. Um exame de raio-x revelou artrite. A partir de 2006 usava almofadas para calcanhar nos meus sapatos, que foram recomendadas pelo médico de família. Esporões de calcanhar dolorosos tinham se formado gradualmente em ambos os pés.

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Healing of harms resulting from allergy

Mrs R. L. (50), Galway (Ireland)

Ten years ago, from one day to the next, I became allergic to the following foods: bananas, apples, oranges, chocolate, eggs, strawberries and coffee. Even the smallest amount would trigger a severe migraine, which forced me to lie in a darkened room for the rest of the day. Each time the pain was almost unbearable. The painkillers prescribed by the doctor did not help.

During my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in August 1994, I experienced spontaneous healing. I have not had another attack since then and can eat everything once again.

Healing of harms triggered by menstruation

Mrs H. W. (40), Saarbrücken (Germany)

For more than eight years I suffered from migraine attacks during my periods. Despite painkillers (Migränin, Thomapyrin) I was forced to stay in bed for two days with unbearable pain which extended from my head into my arm and caused vomiting, dizziness and irritability.

Approximately six weeks after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in November 1991, I was aware of a considerable improvement. Since the autumn of 1992 I have been totally free from migraine attacks.

Healing of harms triggered by menstruation

Mrs K. H. (48), Bremen (Germany)

Following my separation from my husband, I had attacks of migraine during menstruation. They manifested as unbearable shooting, throbbing pain from the back of my head into my right temple, accompanied by nausea, bouts of sweating and intolerance to light and noise. I eased the worst pain with Ergo Lonarid (4 suppositories a day). Due to my exhaustion after these attacks, I was often off work with a medical certificate for a whole week.

In 1993 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning and immediately afterwards my complaints ceased. After a while I had three attacks again. They were much shorter, but far more severe than usual. Since then I have been problem-free.

Healing of impaired vision

Mrs L. J. (18), Maastricht (Netherlands)

For five years I had severe headaches whenever I was faced with stressful situations - like examinations at school. My eyes trembled and, for a while, I was unable to see. Tablets and confinement to a dark room gave me relief. My doctor diagnosed migraine and prescribed Paracetamol (acetaminophen) tablets. I was to take these during the attacks. They eased the pain but it did not disappear and sometimes lingered on for hours.

I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning in March 1994 but did not think about being healed. But after a week I was free from pain. Completely released from this problem, I sailed through my examination with unusually high marks. I have not had another attack.

Healing of speech disorder

Mrs U. T. (39), Hamburg (Germany)

For sixteen years I suffered from migraine. At first the attacks were frequent then they occurred three or four times a year. My symptoms were: severe headaches, disequilibrium, burning, watery eyes, frequent vomiting, sensitivity to light and a speech disorder. My doctors advised me to undergo an EEG during an attack, but this was impossible. Tablets did not help either.

Three months after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in November 1991, I felt as if great pressure was being applied to my head. Since then, I have been free from migraine.

Healing of harms of non-specific forms

Mrs N. D. (49), Frankfurt (Germany)

For several years I occasionally suffered from migraine attacks. They hammered through my whole head but particularly affected my neck and temples, and caused nausea and vomiting.

Since my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, these attacks have simply ceased.


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