Healing from alcohol addiction

G. F. (39), Cologne (Germany)

At 15 years of age I had already come into contact with alcohol through my friends. I often drank beer on weekends and at parties. My alcohol consumption increased continuously until I was 20, so that I was regularly drinking myself into a drunken stupor at least once a week. During my military service (1985 to 1989) my beer consumption amounted to up to 20 bottles of beer a day. At the time I wasn’t worried about addiction. For me "boozing" was just part of being a real soldier. As a "Teetotaller" you were an outsider. I can’t say exactly whether I was already dependent at that time because I was never without alcohol for longer than three days. I never drank on duty. As soon as I was off duty, however, I went straight to the supermarket with my empty bottles under my arm to buy more beer.

Dependent on alcohol

These drinking habits didn’t change until I met my wife in 1989 after leaving the army. Out of consideration for my family I reduced my consumption in so far as it was possible. At that point in time I determined to my dismay that I was indeed dependent. I usually had to have a certain amount of beer at least two to four times a week. As a rule it was six to eight bottles of beer. I tried several times to get away from it. But if I didn’t have my fixed ration of beer I wasn’t able to sleep all night, my entire body would itch terribly and I would feel completely whacked the next morning. Then I would drink twice as much as usual the following evening.

The worst thing for me was that I would drink until no more would go in. If I had a case of beer at home I would drink it up within two days and then usually wasn’t able to go to work the next day. Since I saw no other possibility I adjusted myself to the addiction. Two days a week I would drink just enough so that I could go to sleep, postponing the drunken stupor until the weekend. I have to say in addition that the realization that I was an "alky" depressed me greatly. More and more often I would notice at work that my hands were trembling. When that happens to an electrician, he had better look for a new job.

I learned of the teaching of Bruno Gröning through a colleague at work and was introduced along with my wife in Niederkassel on February 2, 1995. While the Community Leader was speaking of her healing I perceived the healing energy all over my body. It was a pleasant tingling that swept over me. I was immediately convinced that what I perceived was the divine energy.

Healed without withdrawal symptoms

Although I went on drinking during the first months just as much as before the introduction, I noticed that I wasn’t able to take in the Heilstrom when under the influence of alcohol. One evening in September 1996 I was just having a bottle of beer once again when the idea suddenly shot through my head, "pour the rest of the beer into the sink; from now on you don’t need any more beer!" I hesitated a moment, then poured the rest of the beer into the sink. Since that day I have needed no more alcohol!

A few months later I came across by chance some ice cream that my wife hadn’t wanted to finish eating. It was completely suffused with liquor. I ate the ice cream aware of the fact that I had experienced healing through Bruno Gröning, and that alcohol could no longer get at me. I didn’t have a relapse and have never had withdrawal symptoms-for I am simply no longer dependent on alcohol.

It has now been over eight years since I stopped drinking. I can get to sleep and sleep all night long again without alcohol. When I wake up in the morning I feel rested and refreshed. I no longer have the compulsion to have to run to the kiosk. I am no longer dopey and take everything in. My whole family life has totally changed. I already noticed shortly after my healing that I was completely calm even in difficult situations, and that the trembling in my hands had completely disappeared. I am very happy over this change in my life.

Psychologist’s comment:

Mr. F. consumed large quantities of beer several times a week over a period of at least 11 years. He describes symptoms typical for the start of a serious dependence on alcohol: withdrawal symptoms in the body, a compelling need to consume more, and the appearance of loss of control. The prognosis would have been for him to move towards increased and chronic alcohol dependence as a result of his growing number of negative experiences.

As a psychologist, I cannot explain the spontaneous and lasting discontinuance of alcohol consumption after being in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends for 6 months. This must have been due to the working of an alternative mechanism, activated by the take-up of the spiritual Heilstrom.

U. T., Psychologist


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