Music in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends

Original compositions and CD recordings

Musik im BGFBruno Gröning was often moved to tears when he heard serious music. Accordingly he often added classical music to the beginning and ending of his lectures recorded on tape. By his example just about every meeting of Bruno Gröning friends are enriched with selected musical contributions. At conferences and at many community hours many of these pieces are performed live.

To free yourself from worries and ailments, there is singing at the beginning of community hours: tranquil, contemplative but also joyous songs, specifically composed by Bruno Gröning friends. Thus the soul is opened and is prepared to take up the good power – the Heilstrom.

Appropriate compositions

In the 80's Burkhard and Christoph Pesch began to compose for the Circle of Friends – at first simple vocal and instrumental pieces. Other musically talented persons followed suit. So in the last decades more than 100 musical works appeared in the most varied of genres: piano and orchestra accompanied songs, chorals, fugues and diverse pieces for choir, soloists with orchestra, an oratorium, concertos, fantasies and other instrumental works for smaller and bigger ensembles like music for the film documentary The Bruno Gröning phenomenon.

Harmonic music has a harmonizing effect on the listener

Completely in accordance with Bruno Gröning, who warned against enharmonic music, since that would have no good effect on anyone, the composers in the Circle of Friends strive towards creating music that has a particular harmonizing effect on the listener. This is borne out by the many reports from Bruno Gröning friends who mention the enhanced feeling of the heilstrom when hearing this music.

CD recordings

Soon after the appearance of the original musical compositions, they were recorded on sound recording medium. The first cassette Der Menschen Heil ist da (The salvation of man is here) was already available from the Grete Häusler Verlag in 1989. A year later followed Heilig ist nur der Herr (Only the Lord is holy).

Since 1995 musical Bruno Gröning friends come together regularly on two or more choir and orchestra weekends annually. For this all participants prepare by themselves in regional singing or music making groups. They come to the practice and recording weekend sessions mainly from German speaking countries but also from surrounding nations and parts of the world further afield. The suites Der Wunderapostel and Lebenstanz as well as the music for the film documentary Das Phänomen Bruno Gröning (2002) were performed by a professional orchestra.

With music the healing power is felt more intensely

Without exception the singers, instrumentalists and composers in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends all do it for free as a matter of course like in all other areas of the Circle of Friends. Their motivation is the love of music, their payment the joy and the wonderful effect listening to this music has on the Bruno Gröning friends all over the world. Listening to this music makes it possible with Einstellen  to receive the healing power more intensely. This power brings the healing about.


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