Healing from bronchial asthma and mental problems

Sujata Sudhir Kate (37), Pune (India)

Sujata Sudhir Kate (37)

In the year 2000 I couldn’t get enough air to breathe and turned blue in the face. Since I was afraid, I visited a doctor who carried out all the usual examinations of blood and urine, and allergy tests. He diagnosed a bird-feather dust allergy. Although we moved our 18 birds and three parrots to an aviary outside the house, the breathing problems persisted. The asthma usually appeared with cold weather or when I ate or drank something cold. My doctor prescribed Rotatile capsules and inhalations with Asthelin drops in hot water. That gave me some temporary relief, but the asthma attacks came ever more frequently - up to two per week, often at night.

My daughter Gargi was born in the year 2000. She had skin problems from the start. My own ailment, together with my daughter’s problems, almost drove me crazy. One negative experience followed the other, and I could no longer sleep peacefully. I was angry at myself because none of my knowledge was of any use. The asthma problem became more intense. I was tired of taking all the medication. I had guilt feelings toward my daughter and thought that the skin problems were related to all the medication I had taken during my pregnancy. I had asthma attacks almost every day. My relationship with my husband also suffered. He took refuge in his work. I wasn’t even capable of doing my housework anymore. I was plagued by anxiety day and night. I restricted my life to my four walls, hardly went out at all and hardly ever spoke to anyone. I never smiled. In short, I was going through hell.

The way out

My daughter loved to draw and I wanted to foster her talent. Through friends we met a woman who gave drawing instruction to children in her home. “Coincidentally” it came about that a community hour of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends was held in this house prior to the course. We just sat down there and were introduced to the teaching. I was able to perceive the healing force and thereafter did einstellen twice a day. Then there was a sudden change in my life. I became calm! People I had previously offended with my inconsiderate remarks began to change their behavior toward me. I began to ask people how they were doing and other things.

I forgot all the things in the past that had been burdening me

My need for the asthma medication decreased drastically. I was happy: After my introduction in February, 2007, I had just one more asthma attack, which I was able to accept as a Regelung. In May of 2007, I was at a high altitude when the weather was cold and felt a little unwell there, but I had no immediate shortness of breath. That was my last reaction. Today I am completely well and free from asthma. I no longer need any medication. I can now do my housework much faster and therefore have time to happily go out of the house again. The many birds around me, too, are an unrestricted joy for me.

Little by little, I forgot all the things in the past that had been burdening me. Negative thoughts made way for positive thoughts. I was cheerful again, could sleep peacefully and began a new life. I have even begun to earn money and to find time for the things I love. My relationship to all family members has become normal. My daughter’s health is getting increasingly better. I am happy about the new life granted to me.

Doctor’s commentary:

In the case of infectious asthma, the medication has to be taken regularly, especially with change of weather. Although help is possible from alternative medicine such as homeopathy or yoga, improvement is not lasting, and the attacks increase both in frequency and intensity. No alternative healing methods were applied with Ms. Kate. In her case the healing took place very quickly after the introduction to the teaching of Bruno Gröning, and the ailments—physical as dwell as emotional—were healed. She no longer requires any medication. This kind of recovery cannot be acquired from any kind of medication.


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