Healings of atopic dermatitis

Healing of harm on the hand, since birth

Mr G. R. (25), Cologne (Germany)

From birth I suffered from neurodermatitis which manifested as a skin eczema, mainly on my hands. To soothe the condition I had to apply fat several times a day on my hands and take a bath containing Balneum-Hermal-F every other day. Any remedy whose pH was not neutral caused the condition to intensify. From June 1988 the clinical picture worsened as abscesses appeared and subsequently were treated with gel.

Four weeks after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, In May 1991, the eczema and abscesses gradually began to disappear. Since then I have had no further trouble.

Healing of harm on different sites (for decades)

Mrs T. B. (36), Ingolstadt (Germany)

When I was one year old I developed a rash on my elbows and in the hollows of my knees; occasionally it also appeared on my neck, my face or behind my ears. I scratched until these areas bled because the itch was unbearable. My doctor diagnosed neurodermatitis. Fatty ointments, oil baths and diets did not help so I tried cortisone-based ointments. They were only effective for a short while and then the condition returned. Due to the side effects of the ointment I could only use it when I could really no longer tolerate the condition. My skin specialists said I had to learn to live with it.

When I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning the troublesome itch spontaneously disappeared and four weeks later the rash was also gone. Today my skin is quite normal and I can wear T-shirts and bathing suits again.


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