Healings of osteoarthritis, polyarthritis

Heilung von Arthrose, Harninkontinenz und Bluthochdruck

Healing from high blood pressure, arthritis and urinary incontinence

Olympiada Nikolajewna Odinokowa (70), Odessa (Ukraine)

In 1961 the doctors diagnosed me with arthritis (osteochondrosis) and a damaged vertebral disk in the lumbar spine. I had severe pain every day with cramps, weakness and numbness in my legs. Later I also became incontinent (was unable to hold back my urine). I could no longer cook or wash. I managed the other housework only with the greatest effort.

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Heilung von Kniegelenks-/WS-Arthrose und Skoliose

Healing from knee and spinal arthritis and scoliosis

Nguyen Thi Bao Ngoc (73), Ho-Chi-Minh-City (Vietnam)

In 2004, I developed pain in my right knee. It was red and swollen. I could hardly climb stairs anymore, bend the knee or squat. X-rays from the year 2005 showed that my knee had degenerated. The doctor prescribed medication for me to swallow and rub in, and also to lessen the pain (Dodatalvic analgesic and Glucosamine 250 mg). I also had physiotherapy, but without success. Climbing stairs was a torment. The taking of Chinese and Vietnamese herbal medicines also didn’t help.

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Heilung von 12 Jahren Knieschmerzen bei Kniearthrose

Healing from pain and knee arthritis after 12 years

Erika Schwarz (60), Steyr (Austria)

At 40 years of age I began to have constant pain in both knees while lying down, sitting, walking, climbing stairs. It got worse as years went by. My knees were swollen, hot and painful to touch.

I was in constant pain

My physician diagnosed arthritis of the knee joints, but even an operation in January 1994 brought no improvement, on the contrary, it kept getting worse. The only possibility was for me to get a knee replacement; I was too young for that he said. I kept having severe pain in spite of constantly taking pain killers. I could only sleep with a pillow between my knees and often woke up from turning around. Both knees hurt all the time, lying down, sitting and especially when walking. And they were constantly swollen. I needed two canes for walking and could only manage short distances with great pain.

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Healing of pain from hip arthritis and chronic headaches of over 15 years' duration

Shakila Premcharan (52), Suriname/South America

Since 1995, I had had continual pain in my pelvis and hips, running downward from my waist. I would go to bed with this pain and get up with it. My family doctor treated me with medication and injections. Since there was no relief, transfer to a hospital ensued. Analysis of the examinations such as x-ray, ultrasound, and laboratory tests yielded the diagnosis of arthritis.
In addition, headaches had tormented me for 15 years. They were severe, especially after sleepless nights. The treatment consisted of the medication Paracoff.

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Healing of osteoarthristis of the knee and the shoulder

Mr G. R. (60), Oberhausen (Germany)

For about ten years I suffered pain in both my shoulder and knee joints from morning till night. At night I could only lie on my back. My greatest problem was climbing stairs and lifting things. Every month I had orthopaedic treatment. My doctor's diagnosis was wear and tear. I was prescribed analgesic injections and heart and blood-flow

stimulating treatment. All this gave me some relief for three to four days. A session at a spa and a visit to a miracle healer in Holland did not bring about a permanent improvement.

In December 1994 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. Since then my shoulders have been pain-free. A year later I realised that I no longer had pains in my knees either. Once again I can move freely, lift heavy things and climb stairs easily.

Healing of osteoarthritis of the knee, the shoulder, the fingers, and the hip

Mr J. P. (51), Munich (Germany)

From 1983 I suffered from pain in my knees. Over the years I also developed pains in my shoulders, middle finger joints and occasionally, my hip joints. The problem grew progressively worse. The pain always struck when I stressed a particular joint, for example when I lifted my arm to pull on a shirt I felt pain in the corresponding shoulder. My biggest problem was my knees, and my finger joints were also very sensitive to pressure. I visited a spiritual healer and several alternative medical practitioners but none of them could help me. Then, in 1991, a medical professor diagnosed arthrosis with the totally demoralising verdict: "There is nothing we can do."

In November 1992 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. The pain decreased and after one-and-a-half years I was completely pain-free. Even physical stress no longer gives me pain.

Healing of pain in the lumbar region of the spine, osteoarthrithis of the knee and the hip

Mr R. D. (58), Gieáen (Germany)

From 1987 an intervertebral disc lesion and arthrosis of my entire lumbar vertebral column as well as my hip and knee joints caused progressively worsening pains in my hips, knee joints and especially in my back. Analgesics, including Valoron, physiotherapy and courses of treatments at a spa only resulted in short-term relief. Sitting was a real torture for me. I could only lie on my back and long walks were out of the question. In 1988 I was declared 50% handicapped and unfit to work.

During my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in November 1992, I received spontaneous healing: the pains were suddenly gone and never recurred. Sitting, lying or walking is no longer problematic.

Healing of metatarso-phalangeal joint (base) of the big toe

Mrs A. H. (66), Linz (Austria)

For about ten years I suffered from shooting pains in the joints of both my big toes, especially when walking, so that I could only walk 500 meters at the most. In the evening at rest I was in pain . My doctor diagnosed arthrosis and treated me with injections, baths and ointments. But the relief was only temporary. The daily housework: cleaning, shopping, cooking and so on was very difficult for me, so additionally I received cortisone injections. There was talk of an operation but there was no guarantee of a permanent recovery.

After my introductory talk, in January 1983, I was pain-free when I left the room. In February I had the same pains again for four weeks and since then I am completely free from them and able to walk for kilometers.

Healing of osteoarthritis of the knee

Mrs A. K. (46), Stuttgart (Germany)

From1972 I suffered attacks of intense shooting pain in my knees, especially in the right one. The attacks were so severe that I could neither stretch nor bend my knee. This happened three to four times a year, mainly in the winter, and persisted for one to two weeks despite injections and radiotherapy. X-rays showed that I had arthrosis.

Since my introduction, in January 1989, I absorbed the healing stream every day and gradually the pain in my knees diminished. Since December 1989 I have been free from pain.

Healing of osteoarthritis of the knee

Mr A. S. (66), Roermond (Netherlands)

From 1974 I had permanent pain in my knees due to detrition of the joint cartilages.My doctor diagnosed, "osteoarthristis on both sides." I could stand for ten minutes at the most. Three weeks after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in December 1990, I was freed from the pain. Now I can stand for hours without any problems. At my follow-up examination my astonished doctor talked of a spiritual healing.

Healing of osteoarthritis of the knee

Mrs S. P. (84), Frankfurt (Germany)

For more than 16 years I suffered pain in both knees especially when standing and climbing stairs. I was not able to walk longer than an hour. My doctor diagnosed arthrosis. Tablets and physiotherapy enabled me to be pain-free for one or two days occasionally. But progressively this relief was increasly difficult to attain and over the years my problems intensified.

After my introduction, in April 1990, I had no more pain in my knees and was able to climb stairs again. I no longer take medicaments and every day take a two-hour walk with my friends.

Healing of osteoarthritis of the knee

Mrs. H. K. (78), Heidelberg (Germany)

In 1979 my right knee suddenly swelled up and began to hurt. The orthopaedic surgeon diagnosed arthrosis and water on the knee. My knee was punctured and I received electrotherapy. Until about 1986 my condition was stable. But then my knee suddenly swelled up again. Once more it was punctured and put in a plaster cast. In addition I received injections, ultrasonic therapy, electrotherapy, dressings and a variety of ointments, but the desired result was not achieved. I was in intense pain when I had to climb stairs.

After my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in August 1991, I was immediately able to negotiate the stairs without pain. Since then I have not had any pain in my knee, nor any swelling or feeling of tension. I received spontaneous healing and am very happy about this.

Healing of osteoarthritis of the knee

Mrs L. R. (66), Berlin (Germany)

For 24 years I suffered pain caused by arthrosis in my left knee. I had difficulty in climbing stairs and in walking. Even short walks were agonisingly painful for me. As the orthopaedic surgeon saw no grounds for improvement after studying my x-rays, I treated myself.

In 1992 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning and after three weeks the pain in my knee had vanished and I was able to walk and climb stairs without restriction. Now I can go for longer walks without fear of pain. I am so grateful for this.

Healing of osteoarthritis of the hip

Mrs. E. E. (70), Stuttgart (Germany)

In the spring of 1990 I began to experience sharp pains in both hips when I moved. A medical examination revealed that I was beginning to suffer from arthrosis of the hip joint.

In June 1991 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. After the introductory talk I no longer felt pain in my hips. When I went home I was pain-free for the first time in many months. Since then I have had no more pain.

Healing of osteoarthritis of the hip

Mrs C. K. (68), Bochum (Germany)

In March 1993 I suddenly developed intense stabbing pains in my left hip and leg and a short time afterwards also in my right hip and leg. In spite of suppositories, injections and mud packs the pain went from bad to worse. So I stopped all treatment and soon was not able to walk a hundred meters and was only able to run my home with the greatest difficulty.

In December 1994 I heard of the teachings of Bruno Gröning. I was introduced to them and regularly absorbed the healing stream. Four weeks later the pains had completely disappeared and since then have never recurred. I am overjoyed and grateful.

Healing of osteoarthritis of the hip

Mrs F. S. (60), Munich (Germany)

In 1980 x-rays showed that I had arthrosis in my hip joints. If I walked too far I had pain in both hips. From 1987 I had pain day and night in my hips, whether I was at rest or under physical strain. I was reduced to stooping and walking very slowly. In 1987 my doctor advised me to undergo a hip replacement.

In December 1989, two months after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, I experienced healing. Now I am able to sit for hours, move about freely and get up after lying down - all without any pain.


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