Healing from vitiligo

Jadwiga Pikta (63), Zgierz (Poland)

Jadwiga Pikta (63), Zgierz (Polen)

As a young woman I liked to wear sleeveless dresses and blouses with a low neckline and felt completely desperate when I could no longer wear them any more - at an age when one loves life and also likes to wear pretty things - and now this! I was so ashamed that I wore tights even in the summer. My clothing covered my body up to my neck. I was exposed to the ridicule of others because of the spots and began to avoid people. That restricted the quality of my life even more, and my inner stress increased further.

They just helplessly threw up their hands

I even sought help from leading physicians, but even they helplessly threw up their hands. I was told I would have to accept it and live with it. I was given a medication in liquid form to be rubbed in, but it didn’t help. In the following two years the spots increased in size and stayed for almost 40 years.

In August, 1999, I learned of the teaching of Bruno Gröning from an acquaintance. I began to regularly participate in community hours in Zgierz und Łódź and do einstellen for the healing power in the morning and evening according to the teaching of Bruno Gröning.

What did you do?

Without thinking about it at the time, I bought a dress with a low neckline two years ago in 2002. And then I suddenly remembered the spots and noticed that they had disappeared. I was overjoyed and began to also buy myself blouses with a low neckline. I also felt very good. Friends and acquaintances that I had known for years asked me what I had done to get rid of the spots and what medication I had taken.

I said that God had healed me. While listening to the various success reports at the conference in Warsaw in May of 2004, it occurred to me that I myself hadn’t written down my healing and decided to do it immediately. I had the inner need to comply with Bruno Gröning’s request in the fifties for "just a little note" in gratitude for a healing. I hoped with all my heart that through my success report other people would be encouraged to obtain their own healing from this ostensibly ‘incurable’ disease.

Medical commentary:

Vitiligo is a disease for which traditional medicine has no cure. People with an ailment of this kind usually give up treatment after a few years of unsatisfactory results. Such was also the case here with Jadwiga Pikta.

Jadwiga Pikta’s healing from vitiligo occurred by chance three years after she was introduced and had regularly begun to absorb the Heilstrom. This is confirmed in the attached witness testimony. This is inexplicable from a medical standpoint.


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«Το φαινόμενο Bruno Gröning»

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