Healing from migraine

Àgnes Szilágyi (58), Pécs (Hungary)

Àgnes Szilágyi (58), Pécs (Ungarn)

I had migraines from the time I was 13 years old, for around 45 years. The attacks appeared at least 11 or 12 days a month and were accompanied by severe headache, vomiting and concentration problems. During the attacks every sense organ was more sensitive, every noise nerve-wracking, and even light was painful. It was terrible, almost unbearable. Apart from the physical weakness there was also severe nausea and vomiting. I tried to alleviate the attacks with Algopyrin, Demalgon and countless other medicines, but unfortunately none of them helped.

Just live with the illness?

I worked as a nurse and raised two children alone. It was very difficult at work and at home with the tremendous pain. During the attacks I would have to concentrate very hard to carry out my tasks. It devoured all my energy and was hardly bearable. I resigned myself to this condition. That’s just the way it was - I obviously had to live with it.

In search of healing

I believed in God, but perhaps I didn’t really believe that this tremendous pain could ever stop. I visited numerous healers and did research on alternative methods of healing. In 1996, a derivative of the earlier medication Sumatripan, called Imigran, came on the market, which had been specifically developed for migraines. Even this very strong medication only helped when I took it at just the right time. At the same time it had the disadvantage of causing dangerous side effects such as vascular constriction. As a nurse I was aware of these consequences and would have loved to do without it, but my condition got worse and worse.

My last hope

As time went on I wasn’t able to work anymore during attacks and had to lie down. Meanwhile I was doing Reiki, since between 2002 and 2008 even managing my everyday life was a great effort for me. This condition would often last for almost a week followed by a few weeks respite, and then it would begin all over again. I did research and continually sought a solution to the ailment. Toward the end of 2007 I read about Bruno Gröning in a monthly journal called “Healing Practitioners’ Magazine”. A short time later I discovered in it an article on a showing of the documentary film “The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning”. Right away I had the feeling that I had to see that film. In April of 2008, I drove to Kecskemet the day before the showing. I stayed in a hotel and met a young man there in the foyer with whom I had a conversation. To my great surprise he told me that he had just seen the film and had been freed from an ailment. That confirmed my feeling, and I asked God that I, too, might receive the grace of healing when viewing the film.

Energy from the spoken word

During the showing of the film I perceived an energy flowing through my body which I had never before experienced. The pain in my head still had a similar intensity for about a week afterward. Then all the pain disappeared. Since then the really tormenting migraine attacks, which had restricted my life to the highest degree and had lasted for almost 45 years, have stopped. Today I am completely problem-free, can listen again full of joy to the singing of the birds and enjoy the brightest sunshine. Noises no longer disturb me, and I handle my work without difficulty. I am grateful to God and Bruno Gröning - very grateful that I have been freed from this ailment.


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«Το φαινόμενο Bruno Gröning»

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