Healings of addiction

Free from drugs through the teaching of Bruno Gröning - a way out of addiction

The numerous healings from drug and alcohol addiction, but also from compulsive gaming, give evidence that help and healing through the teaching of Bruno Gröning is also possible in this area. The destinies of each individual behind these reports touch one deeply.

Through the teaching of Bruno Gröning and the absorption of the Heilstrom, anyone can receive the power which can overcome drug addiction. Relatives of affected people can also help by taking in the Heilstrom for the afflicted.

Healing from Alcoholism

U.H. (33), Freising, Germany

U.H. began to drink alcohol when he was 17 years old. In the beginning, his consumption was very small, but later it became excessive. He regularly drank 10-15 bottles of beer daily, which almost resulted in the end of his relationship. Through his partner he came to the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends. A few months later he was freed from the addiction. With the healing, a completely new life started for him.

Healing from Alcoholism

G.F. (39), Cologne, Germany

G.F. began to drink beer when he was 15. By the time he was 20, he was drinking 20 bottles of beer a day. If he drank less than eight bottles of beer in the evening, he experienced withdrawal symptoms in the form of itching, nervousness and insomnia. Through a colleague he learned about Bruno Gröning. After absorbing the healing power for more than a year, he was able to stop drinking alcohol from one day to the next without any withdrawal symptoms.

Healing from Alcoholism and depression

John Leiker, USA

John Leiker was for 35 years an alcoholic and drank 17 bottles of beer a day. He suffered from severe depression and twice tried to end his life. His condition was hopeless. At a lecture about the teachings of Bruno Gröning, he experienced a spontaneous and permanent healing of alcoholism. Six months later he felt a strong force that flowed from the legs to the head and freed him of all mental health problems.


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