The Teaching of Bruno Gröning

Help and healing on the spiritual path

Bruno Gröning in einer Gemeinschaftsstunde.The teaching of Bruno Gröning is based on the influence that spiritual forces have on human beings. This influence is greater than most people realise.

The human being is like a "battery." To fulfill their tasks, a person has to keep taking in life energy

Bruno Gröning compared a person to a battery. In daily life, everyone burns up energy. However, often not enough new life energy is absorbed to replace it. In the same way that an empty battery is incapable of functioning, a body without energy is also unable to fulfill its tasks. The consequences are fatigue, exhaustion, nervousness, anxieties and finally, illness.

Bruno Gröning’s teaching explains how an individual can obtain new energy. The belief in goodness is a necessary prerequisite, as is the will to be healthy. The human body is constantly surrounded by healing waves which only have to be absorbed. According to Bruno Gröning, no illness is incurable, and this fact is confirmed by the healings that have occurred and have been medically verified. These healings are spiritual and therefore not dependent on Bruno Gröning being physically present.

The best way to take in the Heilstrom

In order to absorb the Heilstrom (healing stream), the person seeking help sits with hands open, palms facing up. Their arms and legs are not crossed, as crossing them blocks the free flow of the healing stream. Thoughts about illness and personal problems have an inhibiting effect, while thoughts about something pleasant are beneficial.

As the Heilstrom flows through the body, it makes contact with the organs which have been burdened through illness and begins its purification effect. This may lead to pain, which is an indication that the body is being cleansed. Since the illness as such is not the will of God, it will gradually be removed. In some cases, this can be spontaneous. This is why it is essential for the person concerned not to dwell on his illness, but, rather, to believe that for God, no illness is incurable.

In order to remain healthy, the friends of Bruno Gröning tune in to the Heilstrom every day. A healthy body is the basis for living a life in harmony with oneself, other human beings and nature.

Bruno Gröning gives humanity a teaching

The aim of the teaching of Bruno Gröning is to transform everyone into someone who is full of the joy of living and free from physical and emotional problems.

Here are the exact words from Bruno Gröning: “My teaching is an absolute statement of the truth of life. Many of my friends live by it and have had success. Accepting this teaching brought them complete inner transformation, which in many cases led to success with their health.”

Bruno Gröning had only one aim: to help those in distress. He gave them his teaching to take with them on their way. It was not based on the intellectual, but rather on the intuitive perception of spiritual laws. On closer inspection, one discovers an unexpected complexity and realizes that it far exceeds the healing aspect, in that a person receives not only healing in his body, but also healing of his soul. He appealed to people to believe in the good and to put it into action.


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