Healing of chronic back pain after an accident

Abeysekera Abeysinghe (55), Ratmalana (Sri Lanka)

Abeysekera Abeysinghe (55, Buddhist), Ratmalana (Sri Lanka)

From 1978 on I suffered from severe back pain which tormented and handicapped me greatly. I had attempted with two friends to move a large, gigantic rock, but my friends let go of it halfway while I was still holding onto it. The weight was too great and I suddenly had the feeling that my spine was breaking in two and my body torn apart. The pain was very fierce and I couldn’t move anymore. My friends had to carry me to the next hospital, where I was treated for a month. The doctor diagnosed a sprain. He told me that it could get better again in time and that I should visit him regularly.

Stabbing Pain

That was necessary, too, because whenever I tried to lift something heavy, when I walked fast or turned to the side, etc., I still got that stabbing, unbearable pain exactly in the middle of my back. It would usually last about 15 minutes, during which I wouldn’t be able to move. With great difficulty and with the help of others I would then lie down and rest after taking a painkiller. I also received pain patches, oil massages and light therapy among other things. Although these treatments gave me relief and helped me to relax to some degree, there was only temporary improvement. None of these medical applications freed me from the pain entirely.

No Hope of Healing

I was often in hospitals and continually took painkillers. In addition, I was robbed of my sleep at night by the pain. I was no longer able to handle the daily chores which I was previously used to doing. It was even very difficult for me to carry light objects or bend over. I could only walk for short distances and couldn’t climb, which very severely restricted my work as interior decorator. Although I didn’t give up my occupation, I wasn’t able to accomplish much at the office since sitting for a long time caused me great discomfort. Thus my activity was restricted to only very light work. This was a great emotional stress for me and I became increasingly more depressed.

Healing - a feeling of peace and calmness and the heartfelt wish to become healthy

In February of 2008, I met the leader of the local group of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends in Ratmalana. I told her about my back pain and she told me about the teaching of Bruno Gröning. It was so simple, so I immediately participated in the community hour. When absorbing the healing force I had a feeling of peace and calm and had the fervent desire to become well. Right away during the hour the pain let up and by the end of the hour I was completely free. Since then the pain has never reappeared. I no longer need medication, and I attend the local community hours and do einstellen regularly at home. I now feel well and happy again - just like a normal person - and have got my usual active personality back again. I can handle everything at the office and at home without problems. I can sleep well through the night without disturbance. I carry heavy things, just as I used to before the accident and am able to walk long distances.

Doctor’s Commentary:

This success report obviously deals with a strain/sprain in the spinal area. Since the pain had become chronic, Mr. Abeysinghe was considerably restricted in his work and daily life. It is very unusual and medically inexplicable that back pain of over 30 years’ duration should suddenly disappear during an introduction to the teaching of Bruno Gröning, never to reappear despite physical strain. The chronological relationship between the absorption of the Heilstrom and the appearance of the healing is more than obvious.
G. Blättner, M.D.

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