Healing from pain of the spine, joints and right ankle

Marie Francová (57), Zibohlavy (Czechs)


When I was 30 years of age, pain appeared first in my cervical spine, later more severely in the lumbar spine, and then gradually in all my joints. After making a false move, I could no longer stand up, and the pain would run down from my back. I was as if I was paralyzed from the waist down and had to be taken to bed. We would call the doctor, and he gave me injections to relieve the pain, sometimes even twice a day. This would repeat itself at intervals of two or more weeks, sometimes with more, sometimes with fewer complaints—regardless of whether I was active or still. Sometimes pain would paralyze me when hanging up the clothes. Only with effort was I able to hold onto the line to avoid falling like a wet sack to the ground. Only after taking a strong dose of painkiller was I eventually able to crawl into bed. Four or five times a year I would suffer from total immobility.

I was headed for a wheelchair

While seeking a job after a change of residence, no one wanted to hire me. During a check-up the doctor said I would probably be in a wheelchair soon. With a prescribed corset and many painkillers—sometimes six tablets a day—it was possible for me to handle everything necessary at home. Neither rehabilitation nor injection therapy brought relief. In April, 2005, my kidneys temporarily failed. Cortisone treatments and dialysis were necessary. After that the pain increased in my joints, and above all in my lumbar spine.

After March, 2006, it became unbearable. I was only able to clamber up the few stairs in the house on all fours. Cycling was unimaginable for me. Since I was no longer permitted to take painkillers because of the danger of repeated kidney failure, I sought psychiatric help. The prescribed medication always made me feel as if I were drunk.

In addition, I was tormented by my right ankle, which had been broken in an accident 33 years before. The doctor diagnosed osteophytes on the instep and a heel spur. My foot wasn’t able to fully bear my weight and hurt severely when I walked, and it was impossible for me to stand on tiptoe.

An encounter while shopping

Once while shopping, a woman noticed me leaning exhaustedly on my shopping cart. She spoke to me and told me about Bruno Gröning. Then in October, 2006, I learned more about help and healing on the spiritual path through the teaching of Bruno Gröning.

After that, pain appeared which I was able to accept as Regelungen. It lasted about three months, during which I was often tired and my body trembled. Some joint or other always hurt. I did einstellen* regularly, attended the community hours, and took the teaching of Bruno Gröning to heart. I stopped taking the medication prescribed by the psychiatrist and felt good.

No pain when working in the garden

In the year 2007, I began my preliminary garden work and suddenly noticed that I could do everything. All the pain in my spine, hips, and joints was gone. A few months before, it would have been unthinkable for me to be able to move about painlessly without taking medication. I was filled with joy and gratitude.

I felt wonderful

Die Regelungen im rechten Mittelfuß und Sprunggelenk hielten bis Juli 2009 an. Während einer Wanderwoche in den Beskiden trat die Heilung ein. Ich konnte im Gebirge wandern und mich sogar auf die Zehenspitzen stellen. Seitdem bin ich auch von dieser Belastung frei. Ich brauche keine Medikamente mehr und fühle mich allgemein ausgezeichnet und gesund. Freies Bücken, Arbeiten auf dem Feld, im Garten und Fahrradfahren sind ohne jede Einschränkung möglich.

Physician’s commentary:

The medical findings indicate that Ms. Francová had a marked osteochondrosis of the three lower intervertebral discs. Ossified, degenerated vertebral discs pressed against the surrounding nerves, causing vertebral blockage and frequent episodes of lower back pain. Since neither the rehabilitation nor the pain medication were able to bring about healing, not to speak of relief of the pain, which had become chronic, the healing after more than 30 years of torment has to be attributed to the effect of the Heilstrom*. In the same way, severe osteoarthritis of the right ankle resulting from an accident could not be healed in the normal way—it was a matter of permanent effects. Here, too, a healing through the Heilstrom is very evident—an incomprehensible phenomenon from a medical viewpoint.
E. M., M.D.

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