Healing from fibromyalgia (soft tissue rheumatism) after 45 years

Els Frederiks (60), Sittard (Netherlands)

Els Frederiks (60), Sittard (Niederlande)

It had begun in my hands, back then in 1960. I was 14 years old at the time. I couldn't control my hands any more, they would regularly get cramps; it was very painful. At 15 I was operated on for the first time. At 21 there was a second operation on the muscles of both hands. But the cramps and pain remained. When I visited a rheumatologist at the age of 22, the pain had spread to my arms, shoulders, neck and part of my skeleton - especially the ribs. I even felt a strong pressure on my head, up on my skull. The doctor prescribed mud baths and painkillers. However, the permanent fatigue and the permanent pain in my bones and ribs remained unchanged.

A drastic procedure

Vascular surgeons. Since several ribs were clamping off blood vessels and the pain bothered me so much, I agreed to an operation in spite of the high risk. One rib was removed on the left and on the right side. The problems remained unchanged. I took Paracetamol with codeine and went to a physiotherapist three times a week. Finally in the year 1984, that is, after 24 years of pain and hoping, my new family physician diagnosed fibromyalgia. A rheumatologist said, "That can last until your old age".

In 1989 und 1995 I spent three months in a rehab clinic. At the end of the second stay, the doctor sent me off with the following prognosis:"you cannot and must not work anymore." My ability to cope slowly dwindled.

A physical and emotional wreck

In 1996, after three years of legal proceedings, it was determined that I was 100% incapable of working due to fibromyalgia. I was not only a physical, but also an emotional wreck. Even taking care of my grandchildren required great effort, and I was always tired. After they left I would be exhausted for days and would have severe pain. I would only drive a car or walk for short distances. When I wanted to cook, I had to sit on a special chair, and I could carry out only lighter household chores. Maintaining friendships, seeing relatives or going out was virtually impossible.

Salvation from a weekly paper

In a weekly paper I learned about Bruno Gröning and was introduced to his teaching on May 13, 2004. I attended the community hours regularly. From the very beginning I felt safe and secure there. Within four months I was healed from this burden which had lasted for decades. Since then I have been free from pain, can do my housework myself and take care of my grandchildren. I can drive the car for long distances with no problems. I was even able to go along to a mountain hiking week in the Dachstein area of Austria and participate in the hiking. I can do everything again without getting tired. I joyfully accompany my grandchildren to the playground.

Medical commentary:

From her fourteenth year until her healing at the age of 59, Els Frederiks always had pain. "Fibromyalgia" was the diagnosis. She often sought medical help and also got it, but nothing led to success. Still today there is no medical procedure for healing fibromyalgia. It severely restricted Mrs. Frederiks' freedom of movement. It is very conspicuous that her situation improved after she joined the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends in 2004 and began to absorb the healing energy. That she was able to experience complete healing in 2006 cannot be explained from a medical point of view.

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