Healings of nasal inflammation (rhinitis)

Healing of breathing difficulty (nasal)

Mr W. A. (55), Cologne (Germany)

When I was young I boxed and often received blows on my nose. Since then, due to a right-sided distortion of my nasal septum - which was palpable - I was unable to breathe properly through my right nostril and had to breathe through my mouth. This state of affairs continued for 40 years. An operation brought about no improvement. To facilitate my breathing through my nose I took menthol drops.

Three weeks after my introduction, in January 1990, I suddenly felt that I was inhaling though my right nostril; at first weakly and then increasingly strongly. Today I can breathe quite normally through my nose again. The distortion of my nasal septum is no longer palpable.

החלמה מחסימה של האף (ריניטיס כרונית)

מר א.מ. (בן 74), חוג ווגברג (גרמניה)

במשך 15 שנים, האף שלי היה סתום ללא הרף. הייתי צריך לנשום דרך הפה, וכתוצאה מכך הגרון שלי היה יבש. הרופא שלי איבחן ריניטיס כרונית. פעמיים בשבוע הייתי עושה אינהלציה עם תמיסה של מלח ים, והייתי מגרגר מי מלח כל יום. ההקלה נמשכה רק שעתיים עד שלוש שעות.

יום אחד אחרי שנחשפתי לתורתו של ברונו גרונינג, בנובמבר 1990, נרפאתי. מאז האף שלי משוחרר, ואני יכול לנשום באופן נורמלי לגמרי.

Healing of nasal obstruction (chronic rhinitis)

Mrs M.-L. G. (48), Eupen (Belgium)

For 23 years I suffered from a chronically blocked nose and was medically treated for this condition for years. My tonsils were removed, my nasal passages were forcibly opened and I received radiation treatment. Eventually my condition was considered chronic. Without nose drops and sprays I could neither breathe freely nor sleep and I even lost my sense of smell.

In June 1990 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. From the following October I experienced a distinct relief. I reduced my nasal drops and yet my nose remained free for longer periods. Since November 1990 I can again breathe freely and no longer need medication.


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