Healings of constipation

החלמה מתעוקת לב (אַנְגִּינָה פֶּקְטוֹרִיס), קוצר נשימה עקב מחלת לב כלילית (קורונארית), ועצירות

החלמה מתעוקת לב (אַנְגִּינָה פֶּקְטוֹרִיס), קוצר נשימה עקב מחלת לב כלילית (קורונארית), ועצירות

כריסטה נהם (בת 68), באונאטאל (גרמניה)

סבלתי מבעיות לב מאז 1984. הכאבים הקרינו מזרועי השמאלית אל הצוואר והלסת. אובחנה אצלי מחלת לב כלילית. נמצא שכלי הדם המספקים דם לליבי היו מכווצים. מסיבה זו עברתי שני התקפי לב. הרחבת כלי הדם לא הניבה תוצאות מתמשכות, סוגים שונים של טיפול תרופתי (Isoket120, ASA100, Selectol, Loperin, DytideH ותרסיס ניטרוגליצרין בעת הצורך), ומשך הזמן בו ביליתי בשני מרכזי שיקום לא עזרו לייצב את מצבי הגופני. הייתי מסוגלת רק לעבודות בית קלות תוך כדי ישיבה. לא יכולתי לסדר מיטות, לנקות חלונות או לשאוב אבק. לא יכולתי יותר לעלות במדרגות. אפילו פעילות פיזית מינימלית הובילה לקוצר נשימה ותחושה של כיווץ בצד השמאלי של החזה. לפעמים לא הייתי מסוגלת אפילו ללכת יותר מאשר 500 מטר על מישור. סבלתי מעצירות כרונית במשך 40 שנה. בשנים האחרונות הייתי חייבת לקחת שש טבליות של Dulcalax כדי שתתרחש פעולת מעיים.

קרא עוד...

Healing from constipation of 10 years’ duration

Suppiah Malliga (45), Singapore

The constipation began around the year 2001. There was no particular reason for it. Every trip to the toilet for a bowel movement made me uneasy because the stool was always very hard and I had to bear down hard. That caused severe pain in my abdomen and in the anal area. Sometimes I also had blood in the stool. I was also able to go to the toilet only once or twice a week and therefore didn’t feel well at all. I didn’t go to a doctor or healing practitioner, but drank herb teas and took Ayurvedic medicines and tried to drink more, but without success.

קרא עוד...

Healing of chronic constipation

Mrs C. D. (23), Münster (Germany)

Even as a small child I had problems with my digestion. Sometimes I had no bowel movement for up to nine days. If I was nervous it was particularly bad. Once I went to the doctor and he prescribed a laxative. I only took this when I had not had a bowel movement - which normally caused me severe pain - for three or four days.

Six months after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, my bowel movement had normalised itself. I now go regularly to the toilet without pain and no longer need to take a laxative.

Healing of chronic constipation

Mrs E. G. (64), Heidelberg (Germany)

For many years I had irregular bowel movements and could not go to the toilet for two to three days. I tried all kinds of remedies including Bekunis tea. Whenever I saw a product advertised in a magazine, I ran to get it. But nothing helped.

Now, since I have followed Bruno Gröning's teachings (November 1989), I go to the toilet as soon as I get up every morning, sometimes even twice a day.

Healing of chronic constipation

Mrs H. H. (55), Landshut (Germany)

From childhood I suffered very much from digestive problems. It was not possible to have a bowel movement without my daily dose of medicine. In the spring of 1994 an alternative medical practitioner, using Kirlian photography, identified a severe digestive disorder. I received injections, phototherapy and a certain tea. The problems remained. The practitioner informed me that there was no hope for an improvement or healing.

In the autumn of 1994 I clutched at a straw and allowed myself to be introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. A few weeks later the digestive problems, which had plagued me from childhood, were simply no longer there. Every day I had regular bowel movements without taking medicines. Six months after my introduction I had a check-up by Kirlian photography. My recovery was confirmed here as well.

Healing of chronic constipation

Mrs M. B. (54), Wegberg (Germany)

As a child I suffered from constipation to such an extent that I often screamed with pain. Various remedies like Castor oil, salad oil, plum juice, Agiolax and Argonal juice had little effect. Once on holiday in Bulgaria where I could not obtain any medicines, I had no bowel movement for eleven days. I suffered from nausea and a feeling of bloatedness as well as stomach pains and acne.

Through the teachings of Bruno Gröning I was able to experience spontaneous healing. Since my introduction, I have had regular bowel movements almost every day without difficulty and my skin has improved tremendously.

Healing of chronic constipation

Mr R. B. (25), Linz (Austria)

From childhood I suffered from constipation. Once in a while I took laxatives but they only gave me short-term relief.

After my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning my constipation ceased.

Healing of chronic constipation

Mr F. B. (47), Burghausen (Germany)

I suffered from constipation for approximately twelve years with bowel movements only every second or third day. At the same time I had back pain in my lumbar spine. The longer the constipation lasted, the worse the pain became. Because of this, my efficiency was restricted and I found it difficult to work.

Two months after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in June 1995, my bowel movements were normal and since then my digestion is in order. The sensation of pressure and back pain has disappeared. I feel better generally and am able to work quite normally once again.


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